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PUBG Sanhok map

Sanhok General Information

Location — Thailand / Philippines

Theme — Jungle / Rain forest

Terrain — Grass, Woodland, Urban

Type of combat — Close Quarters Combat

Unique name — "A lush Asian jungle"

Sanhok Geography

Size — 4x4 km

Total area — 16km²

Land area — 49.26%

Water area — 50.74%

Sanhok Transport

Total Vehicle Spawns — 198

Sanhok Looting

Total Loot Spawns — 13 889

Military Weapon Spawns — 4 546

PUBG Map Description: Sanhok

Sanhok – or PUBG savage – is providing the players with a unique experience. Being released in June 2018 for PC, it was the third playground area. It brought more solid firefights with a completely new environment.

The reason for close-range fight intensity is a rather small map size – only 4 X 4 kilometres. Moreover, half of such a small area is covered with water.

The Story of Development

The work on the brand-new playground began in 2017. It came out in 2018 for both PC and mobile versions.

The developers have managed to reach such realistic gameplay because the PUBG Corp actually visited Thailand to get absorbed in the atmosphere of the tropical jungle.

They didn’t merely plan a map but did their best for the players to feel the breeze of Asia. In order not to miss anything, the PUBG team – made up of Concept Artists, Technical Artists, and 3D Environment Artists – took photos of various islands in the Philippines and Thailand.

What Is the Most Suitable Sanhok Strategy

Sanhok is the land when you can be sure that the enemies are somewhere nearby. Being the tiniest map of only 16 km2, the land/water ratio is almost 50/50. All this is contributing to a lot of gunfire and close combats. A lush Asian jungle terrain mostly consists of grass and woodland. However, you can find enough urban zones with buildings of all types. Steamy fights always take place in all kinds of camps. You can avoid them and be sure that you will find good loot in any other site.

It will be hardly possible to miss out on battles here. But still, it is better to land in less crowded places and make up a strategy to reach the last circle. While moving in Sanhok, it is better to avoid vehicles without an urge: this way, the chances of being spotted by camping opponents are less. In any case, the land is rather tiny, so running will be efficient enough to reach the next destination. This is a massive advantage of a jungle map. Moreover, the chances of death because of the blue zone is much less.

Popular Drop Locations
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