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PUBG Erangel map

Erangel General Information

Location — Russia

Theme — Forest

Terrain — Grass, Woodland, Urban, Sea

Type of combat — Medium/long range

Unique name — "An abandoned Russian military island"

Erangel Geography

Size — 8x8 km

Total area — 64km²

Land area — 51.47%

Water area — 48.53%

Erangel Transport

Total Vehicle Spawns — 633

Erangel Looting

Total Loot Spawns — 24 058

Military Weapon Spawns — 4 689

No unique weapons

PUBG Map Description: Erangel
Erangel – or an abandoned Russian military island – is a starting point for most PUBG players. It was released at the end of 2017. Forest area rarefied with countryside towns provides a perfect mix of steamy gunfire battles and opportunities for stealth. Even though its size is 8 X 8 kilometres, the landmass is covering just six km2. Therefore, the enemies are much closer than what it may seem to be. The reason for this is a significant scope of water area. As for the land, it is a blend of open woodlands or hills between populated cities.
What Is Behind the Map Story?

Before the fictional island in the black sea got abandoned, it was a place for biological experiments. According to the story, the Russia military occupants were holding local populace for research reasons.

They were testing chemical and biological experiments on the locals. This explains the existence of the military base, hospital, and storage facilities. After the attempt of local resistant to claim their home back failed, the island had to be abandoned.

The Specifics of Erangel Strategy

Probably every player has exerted himself in the Erangel battle because it is the oldest map. In order to show real potential, one must be aware of the winning tactics. The best strategy for those who just started their PUBG journey is to focus on exploring the land first. It will benefit in two ways: getting accustomed to the territory and practising controls as well as player navigation. To choose a perfect landing spot, try to go to a remote place (from the flight path) with good looting facilities. No matter how tempting it is to get involved in bloody gunfire, try to overcome the urge and stick to surviving strategy. By the way, leaving the plane’s path is a pro strategy. You can slide away for up to two kilometres from the moment you jump from the aircraft.

As soon as you land, take care of the armor. Even the weakest weapon and a vest level 1 can give you an advantage. If the area around seems to be safe, don’t leave any buildings: search for the best ammunition. Once you’ve got the equipment, cooperate with teammates to improve the firepower. You can move around the land in a vehicle, looking for better ammo. It is better to avoid possibly crowded locations and zones where you can be easily spotted from far away. Remember: the goal is to survive until the last circle.

Popular Drop Locations
Low Popular Drop Locations