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Welcome to GOSU.AI PUBG Interactive Maps

Here you can find comprehensive statistics on landing, looting, hot spots, and vehicles on PUBG. Our maps also contains analysis of blue zone convergence.
Interactive map:
PUBG: Loot Map Overview

What is adding a special joy to the game? A prodigious and bloody battle from which you come away with a win. Even though the victory is a lot about your skills, the opponent himself, and sometimes even luck, there is one more crucial factor – ammunition. After all, make sure that you have the most reliable Assault Rifle with all the necessary equipment, several mags, and healing packages is definitely conferring an advantage. If this is backed up with a vest, helmet, and backpack level 3, it starts to be sweetly addictive.

Loot spawn has several locations on each map. It doesn’t mean that if you land on any other place, there will be no ammo. The trick here is that most likely, it will be falling behind the time in comparison with performing gear. For you not to miss out on steamy battles and show the real potential, we have worked out PUBG loot maps.

Erangel Loot Map

This is probably one of the largest battling areas with a lot of haunt of vice. However, be ready to enter a deadly war. A feature of the map is that major PUBG Loot locations are rather vast areas where there is enough equipment for all. They are:

  • Sosnovka Military Base
  • Pochinki
  • Yasnaya Polyana
  • Novorepnoye
  • Hospital and Georgopol

These places are always a density of other players eager to kill each other. Lucky for you, there are less popular yet worthy locations – for example, a hidden series of tunnels in the Shelter area or Shooting Range on the north.

Sanhok and Vikendy: a Stockpot of PUBG Loot

These two lands are the smallest; therefore, the density of stockpot locations is high. First of all, you must keep in mind that they are situated near each other. Be careful not to give yourself away. However, the good news is that the top gear is almost everywhere. If we are to specify the best locations, in Sanhok, it will be Bootcamp, Pai Nan, Paradise Resort, Ruins, Docks, etc. Vikendy players are advised to visit Podvosto, Dobro Mesto, Movatra, Goroka, Villa, Castle, and some others.


A feature of Miramar is a vast area and remote locations. You really need to manage the timing to reach a certain place without any loss. But before entering a PUBG loot place, prepare for intense fights. You will get your reward in the form of performing weapons and loads of armor in Los Leones, Prison, Pecado, San Martin, Hacienda del Patron, and Campo Militar.

The places mentioned above are not covering all the loot locations, but most of them. Please, keep in mind that games differ: sometimes everything is found in one place, and sometimes you better check another one.