PUBG AI Assistant

Play smarter and improve your skills
through the detailed analysis of matches
and get personal recommendations
Post-match weapon using
To improve your skill and play smarter, you need to know the statistics on weapons with which you prefer to play. Learn all the information about the weapons that you use in almost every game using post-match analysis.
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Positional Analysis
Personal recommendations on your positioning in skirmishes, based on the heatmap and the places where you were killed
Optimal looting
Take our advice about top loot locations and what are the best items to equip
Smart dropping
Based on your play style, we will choose the optimal places for skydiving/dropping
Choice of weapons
The choice of weapons or equipment and additional weapon improvements, which is right for you
Better aiming
Useful information about ballistics at short and long distances
Positioning in Circle
Personal advices on choosing the best position to take, when the circle narrows
Add tracker bot to friends
Send a friend request to Gosu Assistant in Steam Client to track stats
Play match
The assistant will send you a link with post-match analytics after your game
Improve your skills
Find out your mastery level through skills analysis and improve it to climb ladder
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