CS:GO AI Assistant
Knowledge is power. Find out enemy's weak sides, device a strategy and pave the path to victory.
Pre-Match Analysis
For the upcoming match you get a Brief statistics of every player. Just open Steam chat and follow the link
Win Rate
Every team needs a leader. GOSU.AI helps to reveal them by scanning Win Rate statistics. Perhaps you are the one who should lead a team?
Kills and deaths
According to KD statistics, gathered by GOSU.AI, you can find out the best roles for your teammates
MVP per round
Sometimes low Winrate means nothing. You see such a person but his MVP rate is insane? Stick with him
Weapon master
Discover what weapons are the most preferable for your teammates and enemies
Add bot to friends
Send a friend request to Gosu Assistant in Steam Client
Get your Pre-Match Analysis
Check the overall stats of your teammates and enemies
Use the knowledge to find your way to win
With GOSU AI you are prepeared for every single match
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