Here is our advice to not only survive the night but win the match playing PUBG Zombie mode - tactics, best guns, surviving and much more.

The PUBG Zombie Mode is about freshening up your Battle Royale skills. Essentially, it is the classic PUBG with zombies included in the mix. The overwhelming number of zombies makes matches intense and surviving in these circumstances is hard when the odds are not in your favor.

Here is our advice to not only survive the night but win the match – how to get into a match, tactics for playing as a zombie and as a human, the best guns for this occasion, and tips for effective gameplay.

Keep reading to learn how to handle the ever-shrinking map with zombies.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

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How to Play as a Zombie

Your main goal as a zombie is to figure out a player’s location, spread the information among other zombies and gather as many zombies at that location as possible. Obviously, you need to be discreet. Do whatever works for a particular location – hide behinds corners and lay low on the ground. And then you need to strike suddenly.

A typical rundown of the match will unveil like this. Human players shoot off zombie but, unfortunately, for them, it’s very hard to do it quickly enough. The clock is ticking and the circle narrows down. As a zombie, you do your best to survive this part by keeping your distance from players or hiding in the bushes.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

Then, when the circle becomes small enough towards the end, it’s your call to attack the player. Bear in mind that at least ten other zombies need to reach the player at the same time. This is a critical point that shows whether you have enough zombies and how skillful the other player is.

Find a balance between not getting too close but still being close enough to run toward the player for the final combat. And of course, your success depends on whether other zombies managed to survive and get within the running reach.

How to Play as a Human

There are a couple of rules in this mode that you can’t afford to break. For instance, you need to stay close to your squad. It is never a good idea to split up – this way, you are making it easier for zombies to swarm around you with no way out. If your squad is a man down, this makes your chances significantly lower.

Also, as a human, you are outnumbered by 10-50, so there is no time to lounge around. You have to always be on the move and you need to do everything quickly. As soon as the match starts, you need to milk every second of it – find a vehicle, weapons, change hiding locations and start killing zombies early on. The more you eliminate from the start, the less danger there will be in the final moments.

No matter your gaming style, your tactic should be more or less the same. Be aware of your surroundings and even if it seems that you’ve found a good hiding spot in the corner, don’t stay in one place.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

The best thing for you location-wise is higher ground. Instead of risking getting trapped in the city, climb on hills or some other elevated surfaces. You will be able to see the enemy from the distance and shoot off zombie before they reach you.

The Best Zombie-Killing Weapons

In PUBG simply knowing where to camp will be useless unless you get a hold of the best guns for the zombie mode. Our list only mentions the common spawning weapons.

Here is what you should grab based on usefulness, high damage, and fast firing rates:

  • S12K. One shot of a good shotgun at close quarters is deadly. And when you have a semi-automatic S12K, you will be firing and getting through zombies quickly. Five rounds of fire are good enough but can also be boosted to seven with an extended mag. If you practice your aim, preferably near the head, you will deal with impressive damage.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

  • Tommy Gun. Interestingly, the Tommy Gun in PUBG is not the first choice for many players in the classic mode. However, with 50 bullets in the magazine with extended mag attachment it makes for a good fit for the zombie mode. The gun exceeds at eliminating zombies coming at you in hordes while you don’t waste time on reloading.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

  • Micro Uzi. You are probably getting the hang of it – you need to fire quickly when zombies swarm you from all directions. Despite the inability to attach scopes, the Micro Uzi boasts with one of the fastest firing rates. Therefore, keep it until you get into close-range combat and get this ‘room clearer’ out later on.
  • AKM. The PUBG player community appreciates the AKM for its incredible hit damage. The AKM is a good all-around reliable assault rifle. It is efficient in close range and retains the damage over longer distances as well. Being able to get a quick kill saves you time, which is always handy. The fact that it is commonly spawned is an extra perk.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

  • M416. The M164 uses 5.56mm ammo, which is pretty light so you can carry more. This weapon is highly sought after as its extremely low recoil makes for controllable fully automatic fire. It accepts various modifications, such as a muzzle, magazine, stock, lower and upper rail attachments, so you can get a good advantage over zombies.

Effective Gameplay Style

When a small group of humans goes up against 98 other zombies, the rules are simple: humans need to kill as many zombies as possible and zombies need to keep as many of them standing for the final circles. Therefore, you need to do as much as you can to survive until the crucial final round. No matter what you play as, be sure to move around the map or at least perform any maneuver. Just to be on the safe side, try moving around at any stage of the PUBG game.

Also, humans need to be aware of how many zombies there are in the vicinity so that they won’t catch you off-guard. Even though zombie can’t loot or use traditional weaponry, their overwhelming numbers can give them a huge advantage.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

While the circle is still reasonably big in the middle of the game, humans need to get rid of as many zombies as they can on larger distances. For example, if you are crossing a field and notice a swarm of zombies from afar, you need to act before they get the chance to gather around you and lock you in.

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Get yourself a good sight and try to shoot zombies by using up as few bullets as possible. Remember that your hits should be quick, accurate and deadly. Otherwise, the zombies might approach you from behind while you take your time to aim. If you are not sure how to achieve the ultimate precision on longer distances, take a look at our PUBG zeroing guide.

Tips and Tricks to Survive and Win

Know that you know the basic PUBG strategies for conquering the zombie mode, take note of these tips en route to chicken dinner.

Pick the Right Landing Spot

Similar to any PUBG match, your landing needs to be a calculated move. The location depends on your strong points and your personal preference. Considering there won’t be high competition for weapons, you can land on locations with the biggest amount of loot. Use your time efficiently before zombies get to you – the quicker you grab the weapons, the quicker you will head off to kill the enemy. Ultimately, the choice is yours – just don’t randomly land in a place where you don’t know what to expect.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

Don’t Waste Ammunition while playing

Do your best to go for headshots – it saves you bullets as well as time. A rule of thumb in these situations is making sure you have ammo above 300,for the crucial zombie take-outs, towards the end. Also, pick up dropped supplies.

Take the High Ground

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

Prepare for Intense Action

There is practically no chance of sitting out somewhere in the corner – the time is running out. If you find yourself trapped in the building, you become extremely vulnerable. If you and your teammates are loaded with ammo, it might work out. However, it’s best to get in the open or somewhere high.

Use Vehicles

Hop on a vehicle to move quickly, which is essential in this mode, as has been already said. Plus, you can kill zombies and save ammo by running over them. If you are in a building, you can use the vehicle to block the entrance.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

Ways to Create a Custom Zombie Match

Here are the steps to create a custom match in Zombie Mode:

  1. Set the custom match to either Public, open to everyone, or Private, only open to users with a password;
  2. Select the preset with basic settings;
  3. The PUBG match will be created on the current regional server location.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

Basic options and settings to play around with when setting up a custom match involve:

  • Selecting the map;
  • Selecting the perspective you want this match to be played from;
  • Adjusting the total number of players, which can go up to 100;
  • Adjusting the number of players on the human team – the remaining players will be zombies.
The server region will default to the one you have chosen on the main menu lobby screen. It cannot be changed here.

Would Like to Join Zombie Matches?

Here are the steps to join a custom zombie match in PUBG:

  1. Head over to the main menu and select the Custom Match tab, which is under the Play tab, along the top navigation bar in live servers.
  2. For an easier browsing experience, filter the results at the left bar by game mode. In this case, you will be looking for “Zombie”.
  3. Filter by Public only – this way, the results will show custom games that anyone can participate in. Of course, if you know someone setting up a game and know the password to enter, you can look for that specific private match.
  4. Look through the list of servers. Check how many players are already in it by looking at the player count at the right bar. Some will appear as full, for example, 30 out of 30 players. You need the ones that aren’t completely full.
  5. If there is a chance, go for servers closer to your region for a better connection.
  6. A “Join” button should appear near the available servers and once you find your preferred one, you can join.
  7. There might be many players fighting for the spot so keep trying. It may take a while but if you keep hammering the button for each game, you will get there.

How to Play Zombies in PUBG

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