PUBG is not just about looting and firing with top guns. Planning is a vital part of the process. It is essential to make sure that you will survive until the last circle and have a good chance of victory. Having good knowledge about vehicles, including their location on a battleground as well as specifics, will provide great benefits to a winning strategy.

If you are not new to the game, you definitely understand how frustrating it is to attempt speeding down the blue zone on foot but not being able to find any van or jeep.  Or how many problems can happen if you decide to cross an open field on foot without any cover?

PUBG vehicle guide is to help you better navigate in the game. It will provide you with in-depth information on all the peculiarities of the topic and will make you more prepared for securing your next Chicken Dinner.

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PUBG Complete Vehicles List

A vehicle can have a determining impact on the course of the game. It all depends on your level of proficiency on the controls and general competence. PUBG offers a wide range of means of transportation for both land and water surfaces. Some of them can be found only on a particular map. Here is a list of land vehicles available in the game:

  • Buggy
  • Dacia 1300
  • Mirado
  • Motorcycle (with or without sidecar)
  • Zima
  • BRDM-2
  • Pickup
  • Rony
  • Scooter
  • Snowmobile‎‎
  • Tukshai
  • UAZ (Closed or Open Top)
  • Van

Water means of transport are much less diversified, yet essential on a battleground. They are:

  • Jet Skis (Aquarail‎‎)
  • Speedboat  (PG-117)

PUBG car spawn locations

Even though sometimes it seems impossible to find transport when you are in need, there are many vehicles that can be found around all the lands. With the help of interactive maps, you will be able to easily find their locations in your lovely landing spots or near hot zones. Keep in mind that the small yellow pictogram marks land vehicles.

  • Erangel

PUBG Vehicles Guide for the Beginners

  • Miramar

PUBG Vehicles Guide for the Beginners

  • Sanhok

PUBG Vehicles Guide for the Beginners

  • Vikendy

PUBG Vehicles Guide for the Beginners

Van and truck

This type of PUBG transportation is known for having the largest capacity in the game. Some of these (like the minibus available in Miramar) can take up to six occupants. Even though your squad can cover the area from all sides while moving, the speed is very slow. It gives a durable cover while inside and, generally, its health is the strongest. As for the trucks, you will find Rony in Sanhok and Pickup in Miramar.

Armored UAZ

Armored UAZ  is a heavily-armored off-road vehicle, which is available in custom games or event mode. You can obtain one from a flare gun, used outside the white safe zone. Its features are rather similar to a classic UAZ. The peculiarity is a much better level of protection from the attackers. It is considered to be one of the best vehicles due to its land/off-road driving types, high speed, and four-passenger capability.


A motorcycle can take up two or three occupants (if equipped with a sidecar). You can find it in all maps. However, it’s not always the right choice because of the low level of control. The only advantage is the high speed.

PUBG Buggy

It is an off-road vehicle that exposes you and another passenger to any attack. It is very widespread and may be a good choice due to its relatively good capability to speed up and average health.

Boat Spawn Locations

A boat can be a perfect solution when you need to move to another shore. If you struggle to find one, check the GOSU interactive maps and find the closest one. Even though their number is much less than cars, most likely, you will find enough.

Keep in mind; boats take a long time to speed up, have poor brakes and use a wide range to turn. Furthermore, it provides no cover from damage while you are inside.

PUBG Vehicles Tips

To get the most from a vehicle, you must understand the specifics and learn to use it to your advantage. You need to know their speed capability (absolute and in comparison to other vehicles), fault tolerance and maneuverability to maximize the player experience. You can find some tips on popular YouTube channels like the PUBG official channel, which teaches how to master the mechanics.

PUBG Vehicles Guide for the Beginners

How to Refuel a Vehicle

Keep an eye on the fuel level that is next to the speedometer. In order to refuel, all you need is a gas canister in your inventory. You can do this without stepping out; however, the vehicle must be still.


To move fast, try to stay on the concrete roads and avoid sharp turns; going off-road will be a lot slower even in UAZ. Colliding with an obstacle makes you lose a lot of momentum that can be critical when you are trying to escape the blue zone.  Fuel is constantly used while driving. You can press Shift to get a speed boost, which will also increase fuel consumption a lot; therefore, if you don’t have an extra gas canister to save your resources.


Bridges are a sensitive point on the battlefield. Crossing them by any means of transportation exposes you to the enemies, camping there. Also, there is limited space to maneuver, which increases the risk of collision.


Although vehicles can be handy at times, they cause a lot of noise. Opponents can easily spot your location. It is better to park away from buildings and avoid driving in hot areas unless you absolutely have to. Recently, it is possible to turn off the engine of the vehicle while driving, you can use this trivial feature to path your enemies unnoticed.


In case a vehicle has taken much damage, it will blow up and all the passengers inside will die. However, you can transform it to your advantage – hide behind a destroyed vehicle and use it as a cover. Don’t worry, it won’t explode again.

GOSU AI Assistant: Why you should go for it?

Becoming a successful player requires more than a deep knowledge of the specifics. You must understand personal weaknesses and work on improvement. In order to analyze them, turn to GOSU AI Assistant which is ready to support you in and out of the game. It can merely provide an analysis of your gaming experience or stay with you throughout the entire process and advise you throughout. In any case, all the recommendations are based on your unique experience. To try it out, you just need to sign up on the web site via your Steam account.Apart from assessment options, it provides detailed stats of PUBG’s hottest loot locations, as well as the best drop locations. Check the interactive maps  and see for yourself. You will find much more valuable data, which will give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

PUBG Vehicles Guide for the Beginners