Here you can see a heat map of the Vikendi. Vikendi is smaller than Erangel and Miramar by 6x6 km. But since this map is an island surrounded by water, in fact, the size of playing area on land is 4x4km.

Heatmap Vikendi - squad

The picture shows that almost every part of the map is a hot spot. Vikendi is a very contact map, you are almost always in action starting from the drop location until the end of the game. A huge number of shelters allows you to comfortably fight at any point on the map.

Last night, a patch came out that significantly increased the number of AR and SR on Vikendi. With such changes on the map even more action will be added and pick up your Chicken Dinner will be much more difficult, because now almost every encounter with the enemy means the snipers shootout.

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Here you can find heat maps of the SOLO and DUO modes:

Heatmap Vikendi - solo

Heatmap Vikendi - duo

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