Here is Sanhok's final heat map, which is the smallest PUBG map. Playing on it is like deathmatch, because wherever the players fall, there is always a lot of weapons, and there is always an enemy nearby.

Heatmap Sanhok Squad

The most active area on Sanhok is practically the center of the map, Paradise Resort, Bootcamp and the surrounding areas. These two locations are more “hunger games” alike: you fell, you are lucky to be the first one to pick up a weapon, you survived, 99 players left to be destroyed :)

In extreme locations shootouts also occur, and action can be found, but less often. Most likely, players jump to these places only when there is specific trajectory of the aircraft.

Do you like the Sanhok map? Would you like the same gameplay and a lot of action on the other maps or a single map just for fun is enough?

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Interactive Sanhok map

From GOSU.AI with 💙