Here you can see the heat map Erangel in game mode squad on the basis of 100,000 matches. We have calculated the hottest spots on the map, where there is a lot of action and where you can always find the enemy. The brighter the color shown on the scale below the map, the more deaths occur in a certain location, and hence the accumulation of players.


Obviously, one of the most active areas of shootings is the center of the map, more precisely School, Rozhok, Pochinki. Even when moving between them, players almost always find each other and fight.

If you do not want to fall into the center of the map, but want to immediately get a huge amount of action, feel free to go to the city: Mylta, Lipovka, Yasnaya Polyana, Severny, lower Georgopol or Sosnovka Military Base. In such places you can train shooting and reaction very effectively and quickly. In cities there are a lot of shelters that need to be checked for the presence of the enemy (windows, fences, burnt cars, houses, etc.). Playing the same location, you will learn to navigate it faster than others and eventually begin to emerge victorious.

One of the most unpleasant problems when playing in large cities is the opportunity to stumble upon a camper with a shotgun in any house. It is also quite difficult to push some objects, such as high-rise buildings, which are in Yasnaya Polyana or Georgopol, the so-called “DORMS”. There are legends that in the dorms some players appear from the start of the game and remain there until the end of the game dying from the blue zone.🙃

Despite the fact that Zharki, Kameshki+Stalber, Novorepnoe are quite large locations, there is very little action, as these cities are on the edges of the map and the zone is very rarely shifted to late-game towards location. Primorsk is also on the edge, but if you play a lot, you may have noticed that the plane quite often flies over it and the game often ends in this city. It is not clear why the game deprived the attention of the extreme parts of the map.

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You can also practice shooting at medium and long distances on the bridges that connect the mainland with Sosnovka Island. But if you stay for a long time on one of them, you can get into a situation where you have to fight in the blue zone if the bridges are not within the white zone. But you will sure get great pleasure, blowing up passing vehicles.

Focusing on this map, you can choose a safer style of play at the start. Choose small compounds, where there is not a lot of people or none at all, start looting and moving around the map. You can close opponents moving from large cities on different heights-mountains, which offer an excellent view.

For example, every mountain around Pochinki gives you the opportunity to close the same Pochinki. Or you can camp the Northwest bridge on the map, which is in the direction from Rozhok to lower Georgopol, if the zone goes to this part. Similarly, you can destroy enemies on the bridge with Yasnaya Polyana or take the Western mountain over Lipovka and surprise the opponents who are leaving the city.

The choice is yours, you can always train competent movements from zone to zone while avoiding unnecessary shootouts, or choose the hottest point for a permanent battle.

What locations do you like the most and what playing style is your favorite, passive and tactful or aggressive, shooting everything that moves?

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