Top 3 DMR on Erangel. 

No doubt, on ERANGEL, you managed to find Designate Marksman Rifles (DMR). Weapons of this type are good at medium distances and even can replace a Sniper Rifle at long distance quite successfully. Shortly speaking DMR it's like somewhere between an Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. At the same time, the most important advantage of the DMR is a combination of high rate of fire and impressive damage.

We have identified the top 3 most effective DMR on ERANGEL shown in the picture. VSS is not included due to its low damage and insignificant muzzle velocity. What is more - VSS depends heavily on Extended Mag and Cheek Pad. As for the MK14 EBR, despite the fact that it deals tremendous damage, many players have difficulty shooting from it because of very tangible recoil. It also should be mentioned that MK14 is an airdrop-exclusive weapon.

MINI 14, SKS and SLR are very efficient and easy to use. Due to low recoil it is a quite easy to knock and deal damage to a running enemy or a passing vehicle at almost any distance. One more advantage to be underlined, is that you are able to do covering fire with DMR at medium-long range.

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