The Best PUBG Attachments

Even if you are lucky enough to find solid loot, there’s no reason not to crank it up even more. With more than 20 different PUBG weapon attachments, there are many ways to upgrade your weapon. Attachments can modify a weapon’s performance by increasing ammunition, providing better recoil control, and making it better equipped for longer distances, etc.

In this PUBG attachments guide you will find a comprehensive list of all the attachments types: scopes, magazines, muzzles, grips, and stocks. We provide specific characteristics, for every item, so you can be sure the attachment you apply will have a meaningful impact; of course, depending on what you are trying to achieve. You will also learn what attachments are accepted by each particular weapon.

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PUBG Weapon Attachments

The most popular weapons in PUBG, capable of carrying you through to a victory are worth looking into first. We will discuss the key points of attachments compatible with the best weaponry the game has to offer. Then, make sure to visit our PUBG articles hub to get even more tips and tricks.

Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle

While Assault Rifles reach their peak effectiveness in mid-distance engagements, their incredible versatility allows them to be just as effective in other scenarios as well. In term of best ARs, the user preference falls on AKM, M416 and SCAR-L. If you know when and how to change into certain firing modes, you will definitely maximize its performance. However, ARs can be difficult to use when unmodified.

  • Compensator, Suppressor, Flash Hider – muzzle brake, reduced sound and muzzle flash.
  • Quick Extended – increased magazine size and significantly decreased reload time.
  • Vertical Foregrip, Half Grip – vertical and horizontal recoil brake, shorter recoil recovery rate.
  • Red Dot, Holographic – larger area of view and improved stability.
  • 2x, 4x and 6x Scope – 2x, 4x and 6x magnification.

Submachine Guns

Submachine Guns are a reliable choice for short-range combat, especially early in the match. Out of all SMGs, players usually go for Vector and UMP9. They have a rapid firing rate but can’t be considered the most versatile weapons. Therefore, use it as a secondary gun, early on, when you want to engage in aggressive combat. But then, look for other guns to use as primaries.

  • Compensator – reduced weapon recoil.
  • Vertical Foregrip, Half Grip – lower vertical and horizontal recoil, decreased recovery period.
  • Red Dot, Holographic – greater area of view and stability.
  • 2x and 3x Scope – 2x and 3x magnification (SMGs are better for close-quarter combat).
  • Quick Extended - increased magazine size and significantly decreased reload time.

Sniper Rifle Attachments

Sniper Rifle Attachments

If you need a combination of range and damage, Sniper Rifles come in handy. These characteristics make this weapon type particularly useful for long-range shots. M24 and Kar98K are the absolute winners in this category. While SRs certainly have many redeeming qualities, the major downsides are low magazine capacity and rate of fire. But equipped with the right attachments, they can be mitigated.

  • Suppressor - lower sounds and bullet echo and reduced muzzle flash.
  • Cheek Pad - decreased vertical kick after shot and recoil recovery time.
  • Bullet Loops - decreased reload duration specific to Kar98k.
  • Quick Extended - increased magazine size and reduced reload time.
  • 6x, 8x, and 15x Scopes – 6x, 8x, and 15x magnification.

DMR Attachments in PUBG

DMR Attachments PUBG

The Marksman Rifles encompass some of the best features ARs and SRs have to offer, while simultaneously making up for their downsides. The DMRs are very useful for long, as well as mid-distance firing, due to its power and precision. SKS and SLR most commonly used DMRs. However, it suffers from noticeable recoil, so you will need a way to compensate for that.

  • Compensator, Suppressor – lower recoil, reduced sound and muzzle flash.
  • Vertical Foregrip – lower vertical recoil.
  • Light Grip - better controllability and stability (the best choice for SKS).
  • Quick Extended – increased magazine size and significantly decreased reload time.
  • 4x, 6x and 8x Scopes – 4x, 6x and 8x magnification.


Shotgun Attachments

Shotguns can cause significant collateral damage during close engagements because, with its high recoil, the gun lacks accuracy. The high bullet spread and manual reload are additional reasons to utilize this weapon primarily in close quarters.

  • Choke – reduced bullet spread (can be attached to Sawed-off, which is by far the most used SG).
  • Bullet Loops – shorter reload duration.


Pistol Attachments

Players will benefit from grabbing a pistol, as soon as they drop. Judging by the usage pattern, P18C is the most popular. But it’s not the best choice to use it as a primary weapon. They have limited ammo capacity and range, so you should keep that in mind when choosing an attachment.

  • Quick Extended – increased magazine size and significantly decreased reload time.
  • Suppressor – reduced sound intensity and muzzle flash.

M416 Attachments

M416 Attachments

The M416 is an assault rifle that is extremely sought after by many players. It’s simple, yet powerful, and the low recoil from this weapon makes it very stable. The M416 accepts the highest amount of attachments of all the ARs, so it can perform very effectively in different settings.

  • Vertical and Angled Foregrips, Half, Light and Thumb Grips - handling overall recoil to increase stability and shooting accuracy.
  • 2x, 4x, 6x Scopes – 2x, 4x and 6x magnification.
  • Extended, Quick Reload and Quick Extended - increased magazine size and significantly decreased reload time.
  • Compensator, Flash Hider, Suppressor – lower recoil, eliminated the muzzle flash, reduced sound.
  • Red Dot, Holographic – increased area of view and stability.
  • Tactical Stock – decreased shot recovery time.


Groza Attachments

As unfortunate as it can be, the Groza can only be found in Air Drops so don’t expect to find this powerful assault rifle randomly on the map. It has the second-highest rate of fire among all ARs, plus high damage and low recoil. The biggest drawback is the amount of time it takes to reload.

  • Suppressor - reduced sound of the weapon and muzzle flash. Due to the specification of this weapon, it is the only muzzle you can use on it. Others you can’t attach.
  • 2x Aimpoint, 3x Backlit, 4x ACOG, and 6x Scopes – 2x, 3x, 4x, and 6x magnification.
  • Extended, Quick Reload and Quick Extended - increased magazine size and significantly decreased reload time.
  • Red Dot, Holographic – improved area of view and stability.

Tommy Gun Attachments

Tommy Gun Attachments

The damage per hit from the Tommy Gun is decent; in fact, it is one of the most powerful submachine gun in PUBG. The gun is better suited for close-range fights because of its inability to accept any scopes. Also, the gun can be hard to control because of the relatively high recoil.

  • Suppressor – lower sound intensity and muzzle flash.
  • Vertical Foregrip – less significant recoil pattern and vertical recoil.
  • Quick Reload – shorter reload time.

Funny-unique weapon-crossbow


Created just for laughs, this silly unique weapon lightens up the mood of the game.

The Crossbow deals out very high damage – one headshot will be enough. It is also absolutely silent, which is very useful in close-quarters combat early in the game. However, the rate of fire is painfully slow, so players need to decide whether an effective shot is worth exposing yourself to the enemy.

  • Quiver – reduced reload time.
  • 4x and 6x Scopes – 4x and 6x magnification.
  • Red Dot, Holographic – better area of view and stability.

Scope Attachments

Scopes or Sights are upper rail attachments that serve different scenarios and distances. But overall, they are used to improve the aim of a shooter.



Ironsights are the standard optic on every weapon in PUBG, but it is also technically considered a sight. Getting by in the match, with just the Ironsight, is not easy but until you can grab another scope, this will be your only choice. You can learn more about the default shot accuracy of various PUBG weapons in this guide.



The Holographic Sight is a 1x reflex scope that has a sharp reticle and a circle and dot in the center.  It performs better in close engagements and is best suited for SMG’s, AR’s and LMG’s. The drawback is that the fairly bulky frame hinders special awareness.

Red Dot

Similar to the Holographic Sight in its function and weapon compatibility, the Red Dot is the first choice for many players when it comes to close-range scope options. Despite the fact that the dot is slightly less clear, it makes up for it with a thinner, more convenient frame. Additionally, it increases the Aim Down Sight time by 20%.

2x Aimpoint Scope

The sweet spot is best for close- to mid-range engagements and a decent degree of flexibility can be achieved with the 2x Aimpoint Scope. The general rule to determine exactly how far a target is from you is the following: 100m - perfectly in the circle; 200m - between the inner dot and the circle; 300m - width of a standing target as wide as the center dot.

3x Scope

3x scope

A small reticle in the center improves the shooter’s aim and visibility. You can use the reticle as a range finder for targets standing 100-400m away, by matching their shoulder width with the horizontal lines.

4x ACOG Scope

This scope attachment is one of the most useful ones in the game – it allows players to hit targets at both medium to long ranges. If you don’t have a 4x, you should definitely pick one up but it’s limited to ARs, DMRs, and SRs.

6x Scope

For weapons that don't fall into the DMR or Sniper Rifle category, the 6x is the most powerful scope attachment. It can be used to engage a target between 300 to 800 meters but will be hard to find.

8x CQBSS Scope

Even though you can only apply the 8x to SRs and DMRs, it’s still quite a prized possession. If you have these types of weapons, take advantage of this rare and useful tool.



Magazine attachments are considered an indispensable part of PUBG weaponry. They are used to increase the reload speed of the weapon and the number of bullets per ammunition storage.

Quick Reload

The Quick Reload helps players achieve shorter downtime between attacks by reducing reload time by 30%. However, it is a relatively unpopular choice since most players tend to go for extended or quick extended. The attachment works with all designated marksman rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, the S12K, P18C, P1911, P92, and the Skorpion.


Similar to the Quick Reload, the Extended magazine can be attached to all designated marksman rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, the S12K, P18C, P1911, P92, and the Skorpion. Depending on the type of weapon, it provides a different number of shots added: the Extended Mag for AR, DMR, S12K allows 10 more shots, for SR – 2, for SMG - 10, 12, or 20. The attachment is especially useful for close-quarter combat so that you can deal out maximum damage to your opponents in auto firing mode.

Quick Extended

The Quick Extended embodies the benefits from the Quick Reload and the Extended magazines resulting in increased reload speed and an upgrade from the standard capacity magazine. Overall, it improves firepower capability. The numbers for the Quick Extended effect are essentially a combination of the other two.



You will achieve different results depending on the type of Muzzle attachment, such as less spread, prevented muzzle kickback, concealment of flash and sound effects.

Flash Hider

The Flash Hider attachment will not entirely get rid of muzzle flash but it will definitely decrease it by a considerable amount. As an extra perk, it will marginally reduce the amount of recoil pattern and vertical and horizontal recoil by 10%. It works well when you need to shoot from a long distance but still hide your location, especially in the rain and fog.

Contrary to popular belief, its primary intent is to ensure the shooter will not be blinded in low-light shooting conditions.


The principle of work in compensators is based on the redirection of combustion gases, which would otherwise “shove” the gun into the shooter’s shoulder. These gases cancel out the movement of the gun and subsequently, reduce recoil or drift by 25%. Depending on the gun, vertical recoil will be reduced by 15-25% and horizontal recoil – by 10-20%.

While applying a compensator can lead to an increased sound level of the muzzle blast, linear compensators will not have this sort of problem, due to a lower velocity of the redirected gas.


The main goal of suppressors is to reduce the sound a gun makes when shooting. It does so by making the transition for the gasses more gradual, i.e. letting them cool down in the baffles chambers. Your enemies won’t be able to pinpoint the exact location where the shots are coming from. The attachment also ensures a 5% reduction in deviation and eliminates muzzle flash, which makes for an overall successful concealment method.


The Choke is a beneficial tool for increasing shotgun effectiveness. It reduces the bullet spread by 25%, making a tighter effect area and increasing shooting accuracy. As a result, shotguns can be effectively used in close- to middle-range engagements. The good thing is that the Choke attachment is not difficult to find.

Grips/Lower Rail Attachments

These attachments increase the time before recoil in assault rifles starts to truly set in and makes the recoil steady and predictable.

Vertical Grip

This one reduces the recoil pattern by 20% and the vertical recoil by 15%. The most suitable weapons for this attachment are the ones naturally prone to have a high vertical recoil or for long-range shooting, where the accuracy is more important than the volume of fire - M416, Vector -L, UMP9, and the SCAR-L.

Angled Grip

In theory, Angled Grip is supposed to reduce horizontal and vertical recoil for the M416, Vector, UMP9, and the SCAR-L but it only actually decreases horizontal recoil by 20%. It also helps cut the recoil pattern by 20%. Players also discovered another effect – aim down the sight take 10% less time.

Thumb Grip

The Thumb Grip is suited for the UMP9, M416, SKS, Mk47, Beryl M762, QBZ, and the AUG A3. It helps with a range of features including reduced recoil pattern (20%), weapon sway (20%) and vertical recoil (5%). Additionally, the amount of time for aiming down sight is decreased by 30%.

Lightweight Grip

The attachment provides recoil pattern, weapon sway, and animation kick reduction by 20%. Compatible with those mentioned above plus AUG A3, Skorpion, Vector and the SCAR-L, it also ensures better weapon stability by having a reduced single shot firing recoil of 15%.

Half Grip

The Half Grip helps with recoil control (20% added) and recoil recovery (10%). As for the recoil pattern, vertical recoil and horizontal recoil, the numbers are decreased by 20%, for the first characteristic, and by 8% for the latter two. It works with assault rifles and submachine guns, such as in cases with the Lightweight Grip.


The Quiver is the Crossbow attachment that provides a reduced reload time of 30%. This helps with fast and accurate follow-up shots.


Stocks are attached to the back end of a weapon and their purpose is to mitigate the shake and recoil. This, in turn, affects recovery after shots and how well you can control your aim.

Bullet Loops

Bullet Loops attachments cut reload time for the S1897, S686, and the Kar98K by 30%. Additionally, it cuts the spread base for the Kar98K by 50%.

Tacktical Stock

Tacktical Stock

This attachment is suited for the M416, MP5K, Vector, Mk47, and the M16A4. Tactical stocks are aimed at decreasing first shot recovery time, managing the amount of recoil felt, and keeping the gun steady when aiming. They do so by expanding the surface area that is making contact with users or making the gun heavier.

Cheek Pad

The Cheek Pad for the AWM, M24, Kar19k, Mk14, and the SKS reduces weapon sway by 15%. Also, it decreases vertical recoil and the intensity of the recoil animation by 20%.


Stock can be attached to the Micro UZI and the Skorpion to make recoil recovery higher by 15%. It also increases the accuracy of the shots by reducing the recoil pattern and vertical recoil by 20%.

How to Remove PUBG Attachments

In case you want to un-equip your weapon from all the attachments, use Shift + drag to remove them. You can also switch attachments on weapons by doing a drag and drop.

Unfortunately, there is currently no shortcut to strip all weapon attachments in one go. As annoying as it might be, you will have to remove attachments one by one if you find another weapon.

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