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In PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds bullets take time to reach their target, meaning gravity pulls them down as they travel, just like in real life. This can make it difficult to hit shots at medium to long ranges, especially when using guns with low bullet velocity. Thankfully, there’s a way to combat this - zeroing. Proper zeroing will help you land every shot you take in PUBG, no matter the range.

You can practice your accuracy on different distances more effectively playing in Aggressive PlayStyle.
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Best Way of Zeroing in PUBG - How to Hit Your Targets at a Distance

Shooting distance

What zeroing essentially does is make your weapon shoot at a slight upward angle, making the bullets travel further in an arc. The zeroing distance, found at the bottom of your scope when aiming down sights, is the distance that you need to be from your target to hit it. The standard zeroing distance is 100 meters on every weapon, meaning if you aim directly at a target standing 100 meters away you will hit them dead on. If the zeroing distance is changed to 200 meters you will need to be 200 meters away to hit the target, and so on.

In PUBG there is a huge number of different types of weapons and each of them has its own advantages at certain distances. If you want to choose a convenient weapon setup, you have to study the best weapon tier list.

Basics - How to Change Zeroing Distance in PUBG?

Zeroing distance

Sight Zeroing

To change the zeroing distance in PUBG, all you need to do is hit page up and page down while aiming down sights. Each time you hit page up, the zeroing distance will go up by 100 meters, and page down will lower it by 100 meters. However, zeroing only works on a select few scopes, so you won’t always be able to take full advantage of this mechanic. As of now zeroing only works on the 8x scope, the 15x scope and the VSS.

Leading Your Target

Even if you have the correct zeroing distance, your shots won’t always be hitting the target. In PUBG bullets take time to reach the target, and even if you were aiming directly at them it’s very likely they will have moved by the time the bullet hits. To avoid this, ‘lead’ your shots by shooting slightly in front of the target if they are moving. Snipers have high bullet velocity and require less leading, whereas guns like the AK and the VSS require heavy leading due to low bullet velocity.

Fire Controlling

When shooting at a distance, recoil can quickly bounce your weapon out of control. It’s recommended that you switch your gun to single fire (if automatic), and if you are using a DMR try to pace out your shots. Recoil only gets worse the further away your target is, so be sure to take things nice and easy to hit your shots.

Zeroing With the 4x Scope and VSS

Zeroing with the VSS and the 4x scope works a little differently from the other scopes. The VSS’ scope can be zeroed, but it will move in increments of 25 meters instead of 100, to compensate for the gun’s abysmally slow bullet velocity. With the 4x, the zeroing is stuck at 100 meters, but the notches on the scope actually allow for manual zeroing. To zero with the 4x scope, aim with the notches instead of the normal tip of the reticle. Each notch is 100 meters.

Zeroing Settings

Map distance

The hardest part of zeroing is locating your target and estimating the distance between you and them. Thankfully, there’s a relatively easy way to do this. Once you can see your target, try to place them next to landmarks such as houses and buildings. Then when you open up the map, count the number of squares between you and the target. Every square is 100 meters, so simply change your zeroing setting to match and adjust as you shoot. This video by WackyJacky101 gives a clear and concise visual guide on how to zero if you’re still confused:

Some facts about Zeroing Distance

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