With each map, the Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds create a new experience: the vast open areas of Miramar, the dense forests of Erangel or the ancient ruins and jungles of Sanhok. The new PUBG Vikendi map, also known as the snow map, is a hilly frozen tundra with unique options and game changes.

Our PUBG Vikendi guide contains everything you need to know about the map, including suggestions for the best drop and spawn locations, how it is played, effective strategies and tips.

Follow along to learn all the ins and outs.

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Map Story

PUBG Vikendi, the fourth playable snow map, is an isolated Northern resort island on the Adriatic Sea. At 6x6 km in size, it sits in the middle of Erangel and Sanhok. The snowy, festivities-inspired map became available on December 19th, 2018 and January 22nd, 2019 on PC and Xbox One/PS4 respectively.

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

Leaked footage of Vikendi early development stage

Vikendi boasts thick forest pathways, the warmth of the Mediterranean coast and snowy mountains. You can get a glance at the future in the Cosmodrome, explore the past while visiting Dino Park, and walk around the corners of the Castle or take part in a Winery tour.

How to Get to the Map

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

Follow these steps to choose the Vikendi map:

  1. Click on the map select menu before starting a game.
  2. Click on the Vikendi map.
  3. Make sure the Vikendi map has the white check mark filled in and no other map has that mark.
  4. You’re ready to go.

How to Play Snow Map?

There is as much beauty in Vikendi as there is danger.

You risk leaving your footprints on the snowy landscapes and becoming an easy target to track. But if you flip this fact around, it also means that it will be easier for you to find enemies who have recently walked by.

Because of snow or icy areas, driving will be more slippery. Acceleration on such terrain is slow and you might lose control of the wheel when speeding up. Fortunately, snowmobiles offer a better method of transportation than anything else on Vikendi.


PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

  • G36C – this is an assault rifle/carbine hybrid weapon you won’t find anywhere else. It takes 5.56mm ammo and holds 30 bullets. But with an extended mag attachment, it can reach up to 40.

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

  • MP5K – this is a compact variant of the MP5 sub-machine gun chambered for 9mm. Having replaced the Vector, now it has a better average damage per hit.

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

  • M416 – in comparison to the other 5.56mm assault rifles, it doesn’t have any specific features in the unmodified state. However, it can accept plenty of attachments, which is what makes it so popular.

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

  • UMP45 – it boasts the second highest damage of all the SMGs, especially when fitted out with attachments (lower rail, magazines, muzzle, sights‎).

Best Start Locations and Drop Zones

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

Vikendi loot heatmap  

It is essential to know ahead of time where the most and least amount of action is likely to be. You can choose either more popular or quiet zones to drop, you just have to know what to expect.


Tightly packed Goroka, which stands out due to its verticality, is a major town. There are numerous smaller houses to explore and the town is an overall intense gun-firing party location.

Because of this vertical layout and the town’s vicinity to the enormous frozen lake, it is quite dangerous to be on the ice, since players become an easy target for snipers. Instead, you can use that to your advantage – land at a building on the northern side, grab a sniper rifle and scope and head up the hill.

Dobro Mesto

If the landing plane is going from north to south or vice versa, you may want to head as far away from the plane as possible, namely to Dobro Mesto. However, it is still a major city and as such remains one of the largest, so there are also a lot of other players. Therefore, opt for shacks slightly up the hill and get yourself a fair share of safety.


The Castle is built in Vikendi for a reason; its central and defensible location has made this place the most popular destination on the map. With several means of egress, a player will have options in terms of where to land. But it also brings certain obstacles since there is nowhere to hide when crossing a bridge.

The layout of the Castle makes for many corners that other players will go for cover. If you want a fun start to the game, get a gun with a long-range scope and find a high lookout spot.


If the plane is going from east to west or vice versa on Vikendi, Cosmodrome is always a solid option. The most important thing to do is land on the spacecraft launch site floor below the top region. Avoid landing on the roof, at all costs, since it is entirely broken and you risk losing your health or dying. Unlike the busy towns, it has wide open areas that can be tough to run through.


Since the winery is down on one coast of the island, you get a completely different start in comparison to the packed towns. It is much quieter than most other spots, so this drop option will allow you to stay a while and relax. However, you should still have a cautious attitude and treat each corner as if there will always be a player waiting around it.

Lumber Yard

Lumber Yard is another calmer landing location, which is a great choice when playing solo. There a few big sheds to explore and the best perk is that you won’t find many other players there. In case it isn’t enough for you, head for the other clusters of buildings with relatively low risk.

Best Spawn Locations

Vikendi is formed by 27 locations, and each of them varies in the amount of loot you can get. Here are some of the best ones.

Guns Locations

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

  • Castle - the popularity among players forces you to grab a decent weapon quickly. You will be rewarded with solid loot if you can manage to survive the masses.

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

  • Dobro Mesto – it is a great place to collect lots of supplies, you can get your hands on great gear and, additionally, Level 3 armor and helmets. A few dozen buildings make up this boisterous place, so it should be safe to be here without being caught quickly.

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

  • Volnova – the town is densely packed with houses, brickwork, and guns. Lots of guns. Chances are you will be able to get plenty of them both inside the numerous buildings and also out in the open.

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

  • Podvosto – this place is equipped with lots of useful weapons. There is little chance that you will find loads of rare guns here, but due to the smaller size of the town, the combat will feel a little more engaging and straight-forward.

Vehicle Spawns

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

  • Volnova – because of its location on the Vikendi River, you are free to jump on a boat whenever you like. When you’re done exploring the loot, there will be six or so vehicles that can be found in many different locations around the city. Or you could steal another boat – you decide.
  • Dobro Mesto – several boats docked nearby will help the whole team to escape to the other side of the map. The vast number of vehicles makes it possible for the squad members to retreat quickly and also makes sure you won’t be easily detected by enemies.
  • Trevno – located near the Northeastern coast of the island, the town offers many boats for you to take. Moreover, vehicles and two garages allow you to escape on land.
  • Coal Mine and Zabava – hop on a vehicle (which are in ample supply here) and drive along the edge. Zabava generally surpasses Coal Mine in the amount of loot, but the vast spaces in Coal Mine are more preferable to some.

What Strategy is the Most Effective?

Your actions in the game heavily depend on the knowledge of when and where you are open to attack, what guns are most useful in a certain scenario, where you can find great loot and where teams are more likely to gather. The list below demonstrates several great tactics that many players swear by:

  • Dress appropriately – if you have a versatile wardrobe when playing on the Vikendi map, your chances of winning increase to a great extent. Put on light gear if you count on playing in the Daytime Mode and have dark clothes if you want to quit and retry until you get into the Moonlight Mode.
  • Take notes of other players’ footprints and be careful not to leave yours – if you are going to set up a camp, remember that footprints on the snow are practically guiding your enemies to your location. Vehicles leave noticeable tracks as well. Even though they will disappear eventually, there may still be enough to cause you some trouble.
  • Stay quiet and discrete – choose gear that provides adequate concealment in these settings and define your plan of action factoring in the mountainous terrain of the island. ARs (Assault Rifles), SRs (Sniper Rifles) and DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifle) are reliable choices.

Parachute System

The release of the new map overlapped with the improved parachute system. The parachutes became more receptive to players’ moves during the slowdown, especially while changing direction mid-air. Previously, it was quite a difficult task to execute quickly. The print key, which is “Shift” by default, activates free falling functionality that allows you to execute a swift descent simply. With one simple action, you achieve the speed you previously had to work so hard for.

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

These new features affect the quickest and safest way you can land. Wave drop – the technique to land faster by changing your position back and forth to achieve a wave-like motion – is no longer the best option. Currently, the best tactic to employ is the following:

  1. Exit the plane approximately 600 meters away from your intended location.
  2. Accelerate instantly and level out as soon as you reach 200m up until the 100m mark.
  3. Sprint once again to gain momentum.
  4. If you want, cut the parachute cord when you get closer.

Vikendi Map Tips and Tricks

With the new map and added features, navigating the game successfully might get a little confusing. So here's a rundown of some tricks worth knowing:

  • Considering the ever-changing nature of flight paths and accessible drop locations, don't expect things to stay the same. The best avenue to take in this situation is to take chances and explore different drop locations. Obviously, bigger towns and coastal towns will attract more players.
  • The initial safe zone is smaller and the waiting time between particular blue zone phases has been cut down. Thus, it forces players to decrease the time spent on looting.
  • The ice is not as delicate as you might think – it doesn’t break at all. So you can drive on it confidently.
  • Remember that the hilly landscape exposes you to sniper fire.
  • The snow ghillie suit works well but it doesn’t stop you from leaving footprints on the snow. Steer clear from walking on snow if you can.
  • If you are confident in your abilities and can get your hands on explosives, you can set up a trap. Look for a location you can gather enemies around and hide behind some rocks.
  • Watch out for the sun because it can easily blind you and leave a white haze disrupting your view. If that happens, you might miss other players coming towards you.

Snow Map Night Mode (Moonlight Mode)

The new update brought another feature to PUBG in the form of the Moonlight weather setting on the Vikendi map. While this mode obviously makes the surroundings darker, northern lights and the moon glowing in the sky illuminate the ground and make it possible for you to see other players.


While you can select specific maps from the matchmaking menu, you won’t be able to specifically choose night mode. In case you are spawned and the Moonlight Mode is not activated, that means that this particular match is not going to be run in this mode.  

Let`s Compare PUBG Maps

Players’ actions should be adjusted according to which map they are playing. Since all of them have specific features to pay attention to, let’s see how the PUBG maps compare with one another.

Maps Sizes

Currently, the largest available maps are Miramar and Erangel (8×8 km). What is particularly interesting is the percentage of the land area on Miramar (80.59%), in contrast to the accessible land on Erangel (51.47%). Both of them are covered with foliage to a similar extent (about 30%).

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

The next in line in terms of size is the 6×6 km Vikendi map. Although 59.71% of the island is technically covered in water, most of it is fine to walk and drive on because it's frozen. There are very few trees and bushes to use as a cover (6.92%).

Sanhok concludes the list with 4×4 km in size. The total area is equally divided between land and water. 43.18% of foliage coverage makes Sanhok the densest area available at the moment.

Gameplay Comparison

The intensity of action on Miramar and Erangel is moderate due to the size of these islands. In comparison to the other two, the great supply of loot on Miramar and Erangel extends the number of time players can spend on walking around and looking for gear. The matches don’t start immediately, particularly in Miramar.

Sanhok presents a completely different scenario. As previously mentioned, it's a small island densely covered in foliage, so the combat gains momentum very quickly and you never know where other players might be hiding. A large volume of guns also facilitates quick match escalation.

Finally, the style of gameplay in Vikendi sits in the middle of the two opposites. You have an option to go in full-force early or let the match unravel at a slower pace.

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Interactive Vikendi map

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