In PUBG’s 1.0 patch last December 2017, a very important game update was introduced, known as the Vaulting feature. This highly anticipated update has completely changed the gameplay and approach of PUBG players ever since.

Vaulting is a mechanic which enables players to swiftly go over obstacles or structures, such as walls or windows, without any hassle.

Why is this important? Well, before vaulting was introduced, players must do a perfect timed jump and crouch at the same time to climb over an obstacle or to get out of a window. It is also known as crouch jumping, which was a very messy move that’s hard to master. It was a huge problem and turn off for most of players – especially newbies.

Thankfully, Bluehole and PlayerUnknown acknowledged this problem and introduced vaulting. This technique is very easy to learn and master, which comes with high rewards and very few limitations.

If you are one of those players who wants to master vaulting, then this guide is for you.

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What Is Vaulting?

Vaulting allows your character in the game to reach the other side of an obstacle easily. It enables you to jump over the obstacle or clamber over a wall in almost automated fashion. This tactic can be useful in offensive as well as defensive situations. It has become a very important part of PUBG combat and is used in classic games as well as professional tournaments.

PUBG Vaulting and Climbing Guide for Beginners

Despite being such a useful mechanic, vaulting has its limitations. Once vaulting is in progress, you cannot control your character until it is completed. You cannot change direction, shoot, select guns and toggle between your equipment.

This can be problematic in situations when your enemies are camping on the other side of the obstacle. If your enemy shoots at you while vaulting, you simply lose that split-second advantage to defend yourself or shoot back.

What Do You Have to Vault?

There are so many game situations in PUBG where vaulting can be extremely useful. Here are some of the most common ones that come to mind:

  • It can be used to get behind hard cover faster. When enemies spot you and catches you off guard, you can run towards a wall, box, or structure behind you and vault. Instead of going around the structure (which takes longer and leaves you vulnerable), you can just go over it and use as hard cover. This will help you avoid becoming one of the many PUBG victims per month. PUBG Victims Per Month
  • Surprise attacks. Want to surprise your opponents and give them a virtual heart attack? Use vaulting to enter a house or building undetected through one of the windows and take your enemy by surprise. Thankfully, you no longer need to barge in the door and announce your arrival.

PUBG Vaulting and Climbing Guide for Beginners

  • Getting out of sticky situations. If you enter a building and realize that you are outnumbered by your enemies, you can quickly get out of the building through a convenient window and get to a safe spot easily.

How To Use Vaulting?

Vaulting is very similar to a regular jump because they both work on the same control keys. By default, the vaulting key is assigned to the jump button. However, you can reassign the key bindings from the settings options as per your convenience.

To perform vaulting, you have to run towards the obstacle on which you desire to perform vaulting on, then press the jump [space] button when your character is within range of the obstacle.

Vaulting speed may vary depending on the height of the obstacle. It will take longer to vault on taller obstacles as compared to a shorter obstacle. Sprinting before vaulting drastically increases the vaulting speed. Press the sprint button [shift] while holding run [W] before vaulting to make it quicker.

There are a few points you have to keep in mind though:

  • You can only perform vaulting when your character is running straight towards an obstacle. Vaulting cannot be done while you are running at an angle.
  • Right timing is the key to vaulting. If you press jump too early, your character will just hit the obstacle and fall. If you press the jump key too late, the sprinting action will stop, resulting in a slow climb. Hence, you must press jump at the right moment to perform the process perfectly.

PUBG Vaulting and Climbing Guide for Beginners

Vaulting Tips

  • Vaulting cannot be achieved when the obstacle is taller than your jump height.
  • You cannot vault through a window if either side of the window is obstructed.
  • Vaulting will be possible through a window only if the window does not have bars on it.
  • You cannot perform vaulting if the window is too narrow for your character to get in.
  • Vaulting through a window can cause loud noise. It can reveal your position to the enemies, which can be a problem. However, you can use it to your advantage as well. You can use silenced guns to break window glasses of distant buildings which will make your enemies believe that someone is vaulting into the wrong building. You can use this to distract and mislead your enemies.

PUBG Climbing Tips

PUBG Vaulting and Climbing Guide for Beginners

  • To climb an obstacle taller than your jump height, you can use a vehicle such as a Buggy or a Dacia. Park the vehicle adjacent to the obstacle and hop on the top of the vehicle, then you can easily climb up on the obstacle taller than you. In most cases, a regular jump would do, but you can also vault if you want more animation and fun. You cannot use a UAZ for this purpose because it’s not possible to hop on a UAZ.
  • Climbing can be used to get on the roof top of most buildings. You can also use it to get to many advantageous and unexpected locations, such as going up to a sniper’s perch or walking towards the edges of a building. It is important to note though, that in most of these above situations a regular jump is better than vaulting.

Vaulting Video

To see vaulting in action, as well as on-screen tips and tricks in actual gameplay, take a look at this video:

Vaulting technique is much better to use along with other PUBG gameplay skills, such as the use of canted sights. We wrote a separate guide about that: PUBG Canted Sights


Vaulting is a very powerful feature which tactically improves your gameplay. It is smooth and easy to use, and can be utilized for offensive or defensive purposes.

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