PUBG has a huge number of gun sights. We found out how accurately players shoot at different distances using a specific sight. When counting, the number of shot bullets from each of them was taken into account.

PUBG Firing accuracy from different gun sights

The highest accuracy is for x8, x15 sights.  They can only be used on sniper rifles and DMR. With this type of weapon, it’s pretty easy to reach targets on long distances. Also, when using x8, x15, the smallest number of shots is made, which also affects high accuracy.

x4, x6 sights are the most popular and stable for any weapon at different distances. When shooting at near and medium distances - 0-300 meters, accuracy ranges from 24% to 36.7%, while at a long distance - 300 meters and more from 15 to 23.6%.

x2, x3 sights are mainly useful at short and medium distances, but there are those players who manage to hit opponents accurately at long distances. The quantity of shots at a distance of 300-400 and 400-500 meters is lower than at short distances, but nevertheless, the percentage of accuracy is 12,6% and 13,6%, respectively.

Finally melee-sights, these Red Dot and Holographic are by far the most useful at close range. Although spraying or tapping at a distance of 0-100 is quite easy, the accuracy rate is only 24%.

At a distance of 100-200 meters it’s 12% and 13,5%

🔥 So, what sights do you prefer for short and medium distances? With which sight do you often hit a target over long distances?

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