Sanhok map is one of the most thrilling and interesting ones for PUBG players. Released in June 2018 on PC as a third map to play, next to Erangel and Miramar, it brings more intense firefights and a solid gaming experience.

It was released for mobile on September 2018.

Sanhok is also known as the “PUBG savage” or the 4x4 map, mainly because of its compact size.

Read this full PUBG guide to know more about Sanhok.

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PUBG Sanhok map

PUBG 4x4 Map Features

Sanhok Theme

The main theme of Sanhok 4x4 PUBG map is a jungle/forest type terrain. There are more trees, bushes, and grass here as compared to Erangel’s bare hills and slopes (except for a few spots).

Sanhok map terrain

The main advantage of this type of terrain is that there’s a lot of cover to hide in. Trees and bushes, for example, provide an excellent view for sharp shooters to scan the vicinity safely without exposing oneself too much. Thick grass also provides an advantage for moving and crawling in stealth.

There are three islands in Sanhok to play, each connected to each other by bridges. The largest PUBG island is located on the east side of the jungle map and comprises half of the total land area. There are two smaller islands on the western side of the map.

Sanhok map has a sunny, daytime weather. This provides a good overall aesthetic view, and clarity of sight when trying to spot enemies.

However, a recent PUBG update added foggy or misty weather to this map. And whenever the foggy weather arrives during gameplay, it can be very challenging to try to locate enemies. It may be necessary to depend more on sounds and map signals to survive and succeed during the fog.

Sanhok map Size

Sanhok is only 4 x 4 kilometers or 16 square kilometers. This is the tiniest map in PUBG so far as of this writing, and considerably smaller than Erangel (8 x 8 km), Miramar (8 x 8 km) and Vikendi (6 x 6 km).

What’s interesting is that land area is only 49.26% and its water area 50.74%, practically a 50/50 split between water and land.  Because of this compact size and limited land area, gunfire action tends to happen sooner rather than later.

That’s why it’s important to choose your landing zone in Sanhok carefully and move well according to the landing zone you’ve chosen.

For example, if you stand around or move too slowly in a crowded landing zone, you could end up being killed before you even have a chance to loot.

The main advantage of Sanhok map size is that moving around on foot can be a lot quicker compared to other maps. You will find it exciting that majority of your playing time won’t be spent on running, but on actual fighting.

Also, when the white circle starts to get smaller during mid-game, you stand a higher chance of surviving and making it to the safe zone in PUBG.

Sanhok 4x4 map has become a favorite for many PUBG players mainly because of its size.

If you’re a PUBG player who prefers an instant “let’s get it on” approach to the game, you’ll most likely enjoy Sanhok map very much!

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There are so many interesting locations in Sanhok that you can explore for both sightseeing and strategic purposes. Let’s mention some of the most popular ones:


This is an ancient looking, temple-like structure situated at the mid-southwestern part of the map. The “Ruins” is a key structure in Sanhok map because, not only is it a good source of weapons and ammo, it is also a perfect place to hide during the middle game.

Sanhok map ruins

Sanhok Ruins has three floors and looks like an Aztec or Inca pyramid.  It’s a maze full of crypts and windows where you can choose to lie in wait for unsuspecting enemies.

Because the Ruins is not too far from the center of the map, in many cases, you can stay there until the final circle calls you to move.


Sanhok Bootcamp is a military barracks (hence the name) with lots of living quarters and rooms. This is the PUBG zone that is closest to the center of the map. It’s a very popular landing zone, so, unfortunately, it’s also one of the most frequented by other players.

Sanhok map bootcamp

Intense gunfire tends to start in Bootcamp within minutes, or even seconds of landing, so you have to be careful.

Also, there are hills and cliffs surrounding this village, making you open to sniper fire if you remain stationary or forget to keep your head down.

Paradise Resort

If you’re looking for a good view, try visiting Paradise Resort. As the name suggests, it looks like a vacation spot or a tourist destination. But it’s more than that. This zone can be a very tough war zone, and sometimes it’s hard to see where the enemies are coming from.

Sanhok map paradise resort

What we mentioned above are just some of the most popular zones in Sanhok map, but there are many others. There are a total of 21 main zones or towns in this map, and landing on each zone has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Looting wisely

The main thing to keep in mind when looting in Sanhok 4x4 map is to try picking a landing spot where you are most likely to be safe during the first few moments of the game.

If you choose to land and loot on a crowded zone, such as Bootcamp or Paradise Resort, always remember to move quickly.

Also, don’t be afraid to retreat to a less populated area if other players get to your ideal zone first. It’s better to live longer in the game than to risk being defenseless.

In Sanhok try to loot the basics first: a handgun, an SMG or an AR weapon, Level 1 armor, and some med supplies. This will allow you to defend yourself if you run into some enemies early.

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Sanhok Map Positioning

Positioning in Sanhok is extremely important because your survival in the game depends upon it. Knowing where to hide, how to get from one zone to another, and picking perfect places to shoot from can increase your chances of getting that “chicken dinner”.

Sanhok map positioning

How to move through Sanhok

Being a stationary player in PUBG can be very dangerous. Not only does it make you vulnerable to enemy gunfire, you also run the risk of dying outside the safe zone late in the game. In most cases, it is better and safer to move around the map. Here are the best ways to move across Savage map:

Travelling On Foot

When running from one zone to another in Sanhok, it is a good idea to use sprint mode. To avoid getting lost, mark the area on the map where you want to go.

Travelling on foot

As mentioned earlier, Sanhok map has three main islands that are connected to each other through bridges. If you are traveling on foot from one island to another, a good way to move around is to aim for the bridge that separates the two islands you want to traverse.

Note, taking the bridge routes can save you a lot of time. However, in some cases, you may need to swim across key areas of the map.

Driving A Vehicle

Fortunately, Sanhok has a variety of cars to choose from, and they are scattered across the landing zones. There are Sedans, pickup trucks, vans, and jeeps to choose from.

Sanhok map driving

As soon as you land, it is important to find a nearby vehicle immediately. This gives you more time to stay on a looting zone without being left behind by the white circle. If you’re traveling on foot, you need to leave your current location earlier. But you can avoid this problem by securing a vehicle early on.

The key to driving smoothly in PUBG and especially this map is to memorize where the bridges are located. The main bridges are located here:

  1. The town of Painan. This is an important town because it is situated in between two islands near the center of the map. It is located just to the south of Bootcamp, and just at the east of the Ruins. There is a bridge in Painan that separates two main islands together and is often a place where you’ll experience moderate to heavy gunfire from players who are also trying to get across. A good strategy is to park your vehicle in Painan to loot, and then go back to your car and quickly drive across the bridge if you like to avoid needless gunfire.
  2. The bridge between Ruins and Camp Alpha. This is the bridge located on the western side of the Sanhok. It’s a very strategic location because it allows you to access the northwestern towns of Camp Alpha and Ha Tinh, which are relatively less populated. From there you can drive towards the center of the map by taking the next bridge:
  3. Bridge between Ha Tinh and Tat Mok. If you loot in the northwestern part of the map early in the game, a good way to get into the action is to drive across this bridge eastward where you can quickly access the central portion of the map. Typically, if you cross this bridge, you will have two highly crowded areas to choose from Bootcamp and Paradise Resort.
  4. Bridge between Camp Charlie and the Cave. This is also a main bridge, located at the south side of the map. The main towns that you can access from this bridge are Camp Charlie and Cave. If you land at the extreme southern end of the map and want to quickly get out of it, use this bridge to move back into more action-packed and loot-friendly zones.

Travelling By Boat

Traveling by boat is an underrated option when it comes to moving around in PUBG jungle map. If you land on landing zones near bodies of water (such as Painan, Cave and the Dock), you can use a boat to travel across the river and then land on a shore that is near the town that you wish to go to.

Where To Hide

You may want to hide during the opening and middle stages of the game. There are many ways to do that in Sanhok, and these are just some of the most effective ones:

  • Find hut clusters outside the main towns. When you run from one town to another, you will come across huts or houses in the middle of the terrain. These are good places to hide in, and to watch out for incoming enemies.
Hut kill
  • Crouch behind rocks or trees. If you want to scout a particular area without being seen, find a big rock or tree trunk and use it as hard cover. You can use a scope to locate any enemies lurking nearby.
  • Hide across thick bushes or grass. You will find that this is a good way to hide during the endgame, especially if you’re wearing a camouflage suit.
  • Hide inside the Ruins. The Ruins is a perfect hiding spot because it is a big structure with a complicated maze inside it. When enemies get close to the Ruins, you can easily hear their footsteps and you can ambush them easily.
  • Camp in top floors of houses. If you hide in the corner of a house’s top floor, you can easily hear footsteps of players attempting to go up the stairs.
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Best place to shoot

There are different opinions regarding this, but it all boils down to what kind of strategy and gaming style you have. From the writer’s point of view, the best shooting position in Sanhok is a high ground with lots of hard cover such as rocks and trees.

If you can position yourself on a cliff, structure, or hill which allows you to clearly see the terrain while avoiding detection, you can get far in this game. Moving around in Sanhok from one shooting position to another is important in order to keep enemies guessing where you are.

Best places To Land In Sanhok

It is important to know where to land in Sanhok to increase your chances of survival. Land on a highly populated zone and you risk getting killed too soon. Land in a forgotten town and you rob yourself the chance to acquire the best weapons available. The key is to find a balance between the two.

For purposes of improving gameplay, let’s divide the landing zones into three categories:

  1. High risk, high reward landing zones. These landing zones contain the most loot but present a huge danger because of too many players competing. Zones that fall in this category are Ruins, Bootcamp, Paradise Resort, and Quarry. When landing on these areas, move fast and learn when to retreat.
  2. Low-risk coastal areas. Landing in these zones present little to no risk. However, you will find less weapons and supplies in these areas. You will also need to travel long distances to get to the safe zone because these landing sites are in the far outskirts of Sanhok. Examples of these coastal areas are Dock, Kampong, Lakawi, Ban Tai, Tambang, Mongnai, and Ha Tinh.
  3. Moderate risk, moderate reward “staging areas”. These are the most preferable zones to land into. I call these “staging areas” because they are located near overcrowded landing zones but do not present the same level of risk. You can use these staging areas to gather weapons and supplies before attacking the main cities. Landing zones that fall in this category are Painan, Tambang, Bhan, Tat Mok, Cave, Camp Bravo, and Camp Alpha.

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