AI has analyzed several top team tactics in PUBG, and chose one of Team SoloMid (TSM) strategies.

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Looting phase

The TSM team likes to loot in the Mylta and Sosnovka areas. If the plane doesn't fly near these locations then they find the vehicles to move there safety. But it happens just in the 16% cases.

No noobs allowed: PUBG PRO tactics by GOSU.AI

Why Mylta? There's a large amount of loot and many common vehicles spots with high probabilities.

Use our interactive map to find out these spots.

No noobs allowed: PUBG PRO tactics by GOSU.AI

When flying a parachute, players look for vehicles using the small remembered spots numbers. The primary task is to find a minimum of 2 vehicles per squad. Every single player from TSM drops in a different spot in Mylta to increase chances to find the vehicles. Several vehicles give you advantages: fast-moving and bulletproof shelters.

Early game, 1st to 2nd circles

TSM uses the 1+3 strategy. Solo player is a scout. The main task of the scout is to leave the landing location first and look for free spots for the safe rotation of his team. He just finds a random AR, armor + helm and moves out. To increase mobility and maneuverability, it's advisable to find a motorcycle since it's harder to knock out a player on it and it's also the fastest transport on Erangel.

The TSM's scout travels closer to the center of the current zone which in case of Mylta is located on the edge of the first zone. He has to find strategically advantages compounds, which are easy to defend and it's also convenient to plan to move to the next circles. When the center of the zone is in Mylta, TSM plays in a different way. Leave your comments below if you want to discover it. It's not scary to lose a scout for a favourable position on the map.

No noobs allowed: PUBG PRO tactics by GOSU.AI

No noobs allowed: PUBG PRO tactics by GOSU.AI

If the chosen compound most likely stays in the next circles, the squad should be split into 2+2 groups. Each group remains in the radius of view of each other, which allows you to cover your teammates from the enemy push. TSM always opens fire on the passing enemy vehicles to prevent them from pushing their compounds. Also, each player changes the position non-stop, so it's hard for an enemy to make a headshot from a sniper rifle.

Midgame, 3rd to 6th circles

At this stage, TSM groups are up to beat attacks while enemies rotate. As you act as a group of 4, it’s easier to catch an enemy. Unlike the early game, TSM plays very safe in the midgame and later: shoot against enemies over which they have advantages, saving the helmets and armors, and hide the vehicles as they can.

If the next circle leaves the camp, TSM tries to be the last to enter. This is good since the squad receives all the information about the enemies' location in the new zone. According to the information received, it's easy to choose one of the most profitable compounds for the current zone.

Late game, 6th and later circles

Thinking outside of the box. All team's resources go down so the simple and courage tactics are working the best at this point. TSM demonstrated such a moment at the PEL-2019, they took barns that were in the center of the zone and spread across the entire compound.

No noobs allowed: PUBG PRO tactics by GOSU.AI

TSM could not knock out Team Liquid players who have shifted to the same barns. Having made an instant decision, TSM completely took one barn under its control, the second left for Team Liquid. They didn't want to get involved in a gunfight and tried to control the attempts of enemies to push. As a result, both teams reached the last circle, having previously destroyed all other opponents. Late game is a creative opportunity. The main thing about the late game is grenades. With the help of smokes you can create an artificial shelter, using frag grenades it's easy to knock out the enemy from the shelters. For example, TSM used lurker tactics. They drove cars under a veil of smoke to a new point, and one player was left near the enemy. Team Liquid was led to the fact that the entire TSM team rotated, they focused on this and got tricked, and were defeated as a result.

No noobs allowed: PUBG PRO tactics by GOSU.AI

What team are you cheering for? Are you applying any professional tactics to your game play or you play casually? Let us know!

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