Most PUBG players, playing in the usual public, don’t even think about the possible types of movement in the zones.  Professional players pay great attention to this tactical aspect of the game on the competitive stage.  

PUBG movement strategy

We were able to determine the 4 existing strategies of movement, which the fighters usually stick to:

1) Center – the centre of the zone game: players always stick to the centre of each white circle, the radius of which is 20% of the centre point. This strategy is the most inefficient for our users. The average place they manage to take is 58. And out of the 232.771 players only 1% gets into the top 10.

As everyone knows, the area in PUBG is chosen randomly, so even if you are in the centre of the first white circle, it does not mean that until the end of the game you will sit in the same place.  One of the main drawbacks of this strategy is that players hope only for their luck. When moving to each next centre of the white circle, usually many players go without investigating and run into enemies who easily kill a passing opponent.

2) Inside – a game at any point within the white circle: one of the most popular strategies in which players simply move within each white zone.

The average place is 47.5. Only 10% of the total number of 1.827.642 players gets in the top 10. Most likely, users intuitively move within the white circle to simply not take damage from the blue zone.

3) Chaotic - a mixed strategy of moving. When using this type of movement on the map, players can play at any point of the map, regardless of the location of the white circle.

The average place is 30.36, 21% of 68629 users who play in this style get into the top 10. Players adjust to a specific situation and a specific area, allowing them to choose different options for movement on the map.

4) Edge - the game from the edge of the area. The edge of the white zone is the inner radius of the contour of the circle of 20%.  According to estimates, this is the most popular and effective strategy of movement PUBG at the moment in public.  

The average place is 14.58. In the top 10 gets 37% of 48737 players. In PUBG you do not need to hurry with the movement in each new circle. Being on the edge, players close the zone and do not let opponents who have not yet had time to enter it. It is also very easy to carry out an investigation, if you move in this style, as when taking the edge to a new narrowing there is a huge amount of time still left to think about each new route.

We have presented you with the most popular PUBG travel strategies. And which one do you follow? Maybe if you can not get to a high place in the game, you should think about it and change it to a more effective one?

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