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Miramar is a desert map in Player Unknowns’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) that features urban surroundings based in Mexico. Its terrain offers many opportunities for interesting gameplay because it can be used more for ambushing, sniping and long-range shooting. But with Miramar’s long stretches of desert and densely populated cities, the tactics typically used in Erangel, Vikendi and Sanhok may not work and new strategies are required.

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The map has a dynamic weather, meaning it can range from clear, sunny, rainy and foggy. If you prefer daytime firefights, Desert map is one of the best ones to play in PUBG. There is a unique variety of weapons and vehicles that can only be found in this map. We will discuss them later on.

Desert Map Size

Originally, Desert map was intended to have a size of 4 X 4 km, but it ended up being an 8 X 8 km map. It is a city-centric map which also has an open desert plain, some rural areas and well-developed urban areas.

How To Get To The Map

How to choose the map

To get to the Desert map and start playing in it, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the game
  2. Near the “Start” button, click on Map “All”.
  3. You will be taken to the ‘Map Select’ menu.
  4. If you want to play PUBG Miramar only, check its box and UNCHECK all the others
  5. If you want the game to randomly pick between Miramar and another map, check those two maps.
  6. You have to select at least one map of your preference.

Mainly because of feedback from the PUBG gaming community, it is now possible to only select Miramar if that’s where you want to play. Or, you can decide to kick out Desert from the map pool by selecting other maps instead.

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How To Play This Map?

Miramar is an open desert terrain and water comprises a very small portion of the map. To play this map effectively, you need to practice your long-range shooting using AR guns, sniper rifles, and scopes. You also need to know the different modes of transport, move quickly into the safe zone, and be careful not to be easily seen from afar.

Gameplay in Miramar

Remember, the line of sight in this terrain is very long. It is easy for enemies to see you even if you’re many tens of meters away. So, you have to be careful when moving across the map. The good thing is, if you’re planning an ambush or you want to do some bridge camping, you can cover your perimeter easier and see enemies with a clear view as they come.

Let’s discuss the different gameplay strategies that have been found to work well when playing in Miramar.

Desert map hotspots – best tips

Familiarizing yourself with the hotspots and various places to go in Miramar is vital to success. You have to know how to navigate the map and use the various buildings, lakes, and roads to your advantage.


Buildings in Desert map are taller, elaborate and more spacious inside. They can be used not only as looting places, but also good places to hide and snipe incoming opponents from afar.

Aside from sniping, the interior of the buildings themselves are sites of action-packed firefights as well. Close quarter battle makes the experience more intense, as you need to clear every nook and cranny of the building to make sure you are clear.

Take for example the town of Pecado. If you land in this town, you’ll find an auditorium with what looks like a boxing ring inside. The auditorium is big enough to become a scene of an intense firefight in itself, as it is practically a maze of hallways, rooms and stairs.

The town of Pecado

The town of Pecado

Another example is the city of Los Leones where you can find a good number of warehouses. The big structures can be used as hiding places, and they contain lots of loot as well. If you encounter an enemy there, you’ve got lots of hard cover as well as opportunities to flank the opponent.

Houses in PUBG Miramar tend to be bigger than those found in Erangel and Sanhok, but perhaps the same in size as the ones found in Vikendi. Sweeping buildings from house to house is a good way to stack up on equipment early and have a higher chance of winning the game.


There are limited bodies of water in Miramar. After all, it is a ‘desert map’, so you’ll only see long stretches of bare land. Except for the sides of the islands, or when crossing from the Prison island to the mainland, you won’t see much water in this map, so brace yourself to travel by land and on foot.


Most major roads are well developed, smooth and painted with road lines. This makes it easy for you to get from one town or city to another.

How to drive in Miramar

But just because there are fine roads doesn’t mean you should always use them. More often, if you want to avoid detection, you might want to drive or sprint through the open desert instead.

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Best Spawn Locations

Best places for looting in Miramar

If you want to increase your chances of getting the coveted Chicken Dinner in the PUBG Miramar, you have to be aware of the best places where guns and vehicles can be found (also known as spawn locations).

Knowing these spawn locations can save you a lot of time. Instead of wandering around cities and towns trying to find high-level gear, weaponry, and ammunition, you can go directly to a known spawn location to get the resources you need early.

Guns locations

Gun locations
  1. Hacienda Del Patron. One of the more popular places in Miramar when it comes to finding guns and scopes. The quality and quantity of guns that you can find in the Hacienda is very high. However, the danger of getting killed early in the game is also very high here. High reward equals high risk.
  2. Pecado. This is also another good source of guns and weapons. But like Hacienda Del Patron, it is a popular landing zone and could be very dangerous to land into.
  3. Minas Generales. The quantity and quality of guns in this location is also very high, but the risk is only moderate. This is a relatively more peaceful town, considering that it is located in the central part of the map.
  4. Ladriella. You can find lots of guns here, but they are not the best guns to use. Still, there are a lot of good quality SMGs that you can start with here, and the risk level is very low.

Vehicle Spawns

Vehicle Spawns

Let’s mention a few locations where you will have an increased chance of stumbling upon a vehicle early to use during the game:

  1. Los Leones. This is like the “vehicle capital” of Miramar. If you go to this location during drop-off or sometime during the midgame, you’ll see that vehicles are scattered all over this place.
  2. El Pozo. Follow the road that leads up to this town and it is almost certain that you’ll find a good vehicle to use.
  3. San Martin. If you visit this location wanting to find a vehicle, just head northward towards Water Treatment and you could chance on some cool vehicles to choose from.
  4. Torre Ahunada. Another vehicle spawn area where you can find lots of cars to choose from.
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Best Drop Zones To Start in Miramar

Where to drop in Miramar

So far, we’ve mentioned the best vehicle and gun spawn locations. But it doesn’t mean that you should just directly choose these landing zones. There’s a lot of things to consider when choosing a drop zone in Desert map. Don’t just base your decision on the abundance of loot and vehicles in a certain area.

If you’re a beginner.

Choose a drop zone that’s relatively quiet and unpopulated. There are less weapons, supplies, and vehicles in these areas, but you get a chance to stay longer in the game. These drop zones are:

  • Impala – this is a low-risk drop zone set in a coastal town.
  • Alcantara – it’s on the Western Edge of the map. Definitely, low-risk but you should move faster and find a vehicle quickly to avoid dying outside the Play Zone.
  • La Cobreria - this is a location at the far north of the map.

If you’re an advanced player:

If you have lots of experience with PUBG and very familiar with other maps like Sanhok and Erangel, you might want to go directly into the action by landing into the high risk, high reward drop zones:

  • Los Leones
  • Pecado
  • Hacienda Del Patron
  • Prison

What Strategy To Go With?

The best strategies for winning PUBG

The best strategy is having a balance of loot, safety, and mobility. Try to land in areas where you feel you can get the weapons you need sooner, without compromising your safety.

Ideally, you should also have a clear plan of action in mind on how to navigate towards the safe zone. The last thing you want is to have the blue zone going against you in the endgame.

Of course, there is room for your personal taste. Pick weapons that suit your preferred playing style and customize your gameplay according to your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to take risks sometimes, because that’s what will help you become a better player.

Best Sniper’s Spots

When playing in Miramar, utilize tall buildings or cliffs that have a clear and long range of sight towards the terrain. Position yourself there with a good sniper gun, or an AR with 4x to 6x scope, and you have the perfect sniping treat.

Here are some of the best sniper’s spots:

  1. The abandoned casino at Pecado. The top floors of this building offer a clear and unobstructed view of enemies outside. Perfect for sniper camping.
  2. Power Grid. This town is full of high structures that are situated in the middle of the desert. You can take a perch on one of the structures and lie in wait for enemies who pass thru.
  3. Windows and roofs at the Graveyard.
  4. Lighthouse at Puerto Paradiso.
  5. Mountains and cliffs in the middle of the desert.
10 kills in Casino (Pecado)

What Makes Miramar Different from Sanhok, Vikendi and Erangel

Miramar is the largest map in PUBG at the time of this writing. It is 8 X 8 kilometers. The limited water area means majority of the fighting and moving around should happen on foot. When playing in Miramar you need to be more careful when moving around because enemies can easily see you from afar. Also, you need to be skilled in indoor fighting in Miramar, something that you don’t need as much in the other maps.

All in all, Desert map is perfect for those players who love long range shooting, close quarter battle, and building sniper’s nests.

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