As we understand it, PUBG is a kind of “Hunger games” that are held day by day from match to match with a huge number of players!


▶ Everyone understands that when landing with loot “STRONGEST” is the lucky one and finding firearms often fails immediately. But don't be upset about it, there is always the opportunity to show who is the one in the mile of battle.

✔ We counted the number of dead players from different types of close combat weapons, as well as how many players died just in the hands of those with a talent to wave their fists. Looking at July of this year numbers, they are quite impressive.

It has long been known that the pan — is a talisman of PUBG and it is not a surprise that most of the players suffered from this weapon, as much as 11052 injured.
Second place goes to Machete – 6125, third to Sickle – 4665 and Crowbar completes this statistics – 2505.
Those who tried different martial arts within the game- 5438379 players in total.

🔥 So if you don't find any firearms quickly, don't tilt and fight to the end!

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