Erangel is the very first map on PUBG, and it is where most PUBG players started their exciting journey in this game. The countryside town atmosphere of Erangel is perfect for intense gameplay, providing a balance of fiery gunfire and opportunities for stealth.

If you want to get good in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, familiarize yourself with this map. This guide will show you how to do that.

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PUBG Erangel Map Guide

Map Story

Erangel was developed in early 2016 and fully released in December 2017. The name Erangel was actually inspired by PUBG daughter’s name, Eryn.

The map itself has a very detailed terrain which is composed of open woodland areas, hills and cliffs, as well as highly populated cities. The size of the map is 8 X 8 kilometers but the land mass is only 6 kilometers. This means the fighting ground is really much smaller than the total map size.

How to play this map?

Finding this map and playing it is easy because it is the default PUBG map. Once you are in the game, you have to be aware of the tactics that are better suited for the Erangel map.

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If you’re new to PUBG, the best way to start is to experiment with different landing zones in the beginning. When you are looking at this map for the first time and trying to select a landing zone, it can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know what place to land on. Later on, we will discuss the best places to drop in Erangel.

Once you land, make survival your top priority. It can be tempting to engage in gunfire immediately and seek some action. But that will only increase your chances of getting killed early in the game. Try to walk in stealth and go immediately for handy weapons nearby to protect yourself. Then build on your game from there.

Best start locations and drop zones

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

In this guide below we have outlined the best landing zones or start locations in Erangel. This will help you skip some trial and error and immediately improve your success rate and survival in this map. As choosing your starting location is one of the most important aspects of PUBG, we’ve included some detailed information as well as things you should expect for each drop zone:

·         Military Base

This ranks among the very best landing zones in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel in terms of loot quality and quantity. It’s a good source of military grade weapons and Level 2 to Level 3 armour. It’s located in the southern island of the map, and is usually easily accessible directly as you jump from your plane.

Although there are lots of houses and structures in this area, there is a big concentration of weaponry in the three main buildings (U-shaped). You will easily recognize them from the air as you are gliding downwards. Aim to land on the roof of one of those buildings and work your way downwards to maximize your opportunities.

In terms of population, you will find that a great percentage of Erangel players typically land on this location. This means, the risk of getting in a firefight early and getting killed is really high.

The good thing though, is that the Military Base is huge. This means, there is a lot of room for players to explore, get their share of high-quality loot, without running across each other too much. Just always remember to keep your eyes and ears alert, watch out for enemy footsteps, and be more vigilant. If you do that, you will be safe in this map and enjoy its rewards.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

  • School

The School is a popular landing zone in PUBG Erangel because of its high quality of loot for individual players. Not only that, it is also located at the very center of the map. Hence, the School is a tightly contested area in Erangel so you need to proceed with caution.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

While the quality of weapons, ammunition and armour isn’t as high as in Military Base, there is enough for you to go with if you decide to go solo. Positioning yourself in one of the classrooms and then ambushing incoming enemies can be a good strategy here during early and middle game.

There are also lots of medical loot in this PUBG map, which can be especially useful for later parts of the game. Stuff as much as you can fit in your backpack. You’ll be thankful you did.

  • Pochinki

This is another landing zone that’s considered high risk but high reward. Pochinki is a key town in Erangel because three roads directly run through it. Strategically, Pochinki is a great looting place because of its many clusters of building and houses.

A good strategy when landing on Pochinki is to land somewhere along the edges of the city. This way, you can work your way gradually towards the center of the area, looting houses and killing any enemies along the way.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

You can also take advantage of the rooftops you can find in Pochinki. As soon as you find your first set of weapons and armor, you can assert your dominance in the map by finding a good rooftop position. This will give you better view of your enemies. You can also easily detect footsteps of enemies who might be climbing stairs.

  • Hospital

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

Hospital isn’t as crowded as the School or Military base, but the loot quantity is considered high. If you prefer to play low-key during the early parts of the game, this is an ideal landing zone for you. The risk of getting killed early in this PUBG match is lower, which gives you an opportunity to strengthen yourself in terms of weapons and supplies before getting into some action.

The downside of the Hospital is that it is located near the western edges of Erangel, which makes it a bit hard to extract from. When the safe zone starts to get smaller and smaller, you will want to leave the Hospital earlier so you can avoid getting hurt by the blue zone.

  • Mylta Power Complex

This is another medium risk, high reward loot location that’s located on the eastern edge of Erangel. Mylta Power complex is a place with large nuclear pipes and one large building. Around it is a series of houses and structures that contains good loot.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

Just like the Hospital, the Mylta Power Complex is quite difficult to get out of because it is located on the edges of the map. Moving fast and looking at the shrinking safe zone is key in order to get the most out of this location.

Also, remember that when you get out of Mylta, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll come across dangerous cities. Make sure you have enough firepower and armor when you do so, or else try to traverse a different route that gives you more cover.

  • Novorepnoye

Novorepnoye, also known as ‘Novo’ by PUBG players, is one of the more interesting landing zones in Erangel. It is a shipyard/dock that’s located on the east side of the map’s southern island.

The thing is, Novo is high in loot but it is also just a few hundred meters east of Military Base. So, if you are planning to go to Military Base but want to avoid its early game dangers, a good option would be to land at Novo first (which is relatively safer).

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

Get some good gear and guns, then move westward towards Military Base if you really want to.

If your PUBG plan is to move across the map using boats or ships, it would be a good strategy to land on Novo. Find a ship or boat, then quickly use it to do some island hopping on the northern part of the map.

  • Prison

The Prison is a small complex found on the western side of the map. This landing zone is interesting because it is quite secluded from other cities, making it seem quieter than it really is.

Don’t get fooled though, because the Prison is surrounded by steep cliffs, which makes it easy for your opponents to ambush you.  If you stay too long in the Prison proper, you are very much vulnerable to sniper fire coming from the mountains.

This is why the Prison is also called the “Crater of Death”. Players who loot and linger are usually prone to become sitting ducks to sharpshooters nearby.

What makes this a good landing zone? Well, the loot quality and quantity are high. And although the risk is also high, you can actually turn the tables by getting there first. Loot as much as you can and then position yourself on the cliffs to wait on enemies approaching Prison.

·         Mansion

The Mansion is a small area located at the center of the Erangel map. It consists of two main buildings that are tall enough to house some good loot. Aside from these main buildings, there isn’t a lot of houses in this area.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

The Mansion is a good landing zone because there are not too many houses that block your view. This makes it easier for you to spot enemies as they approach. Going to the rooftops of the tall buildings can also give you a good sniper view.

Be careful because enemies from the outside the buildings can easily spot you if you expose yourself too much through the building windows.

A good PUBG strategy here is to land on the Mansion if it is not directly in your flight path. As soon as you land, take the two main buildings floor to floor, looting whatever useful items you find. Beware of enemies who land on this location first. Make sure you don’t run into them too soon, before you’ve had the chance to get some good weapons and armor.

Best spawn locations

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

You can dramatically improve your game by simply knowing the best gun and vehicle spawn locations in Erangel. This knowledge will help you be the first to get the best guns and vehicles (before others do), and increase your chances of winning the game.

Guns locations

Below are some of the best gun spawn locations:

·         Town of Severny

This is located in the northernmost part of Erangel, and is situated near a shooting range and what appears to be bunker-like structures. Because it is a military installation, it is but normal to find lots of guns here.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

Because Severny is on the outskirts of the map, a lot of players are hesitant to land there. Use this to your advantage if you want to find good guns to start your game with a bang.

·         Town of Lipovka

This is a medium sized town located on the eastern coast of the map. Lipovka is an unpopular landing zone, mainly because of its location on the edges of Erangel. The town is usually away from the usual flight paths, so players tend to ignore it.

Though underrated, Lipovka is a good gun spawn location. There’s enough decent assault rifles and SMGs in this town. And because you have relatively less competition in this area, these guns are almost always yours for the taking.

·         Town of Georgopol

This is a highly populated western city located just beside the hospital. The entire town is high in all kinds of loot, but the northern portion of the area is especially concentrated with different kinds of guns. The next time you land on Georgopol, make sure you don’t miss out on the generous amount of firearms it has to offer.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

  • ·         Prison (Crater)
  • This is located just a few hundred meters west of Lipovka. The northern part of the crater has a lot of assault rifles that you can loot. After looting your fair share of guns, there is nothing much happening in the crater. It is advisable that you head up northward to the Villa afterwards to find more gun spawns.

Vehicles locations

Here are the best places to find vehicles:

School Suburbs. We mentioned earlier that the School is one of the most crowded zones in Erangel. Just outside School, you can find vehicle spawns towards the northeastern suburbs and housing clusters. This is convenient right after you have finished looting School and are eager to get to your next location as fast as you can.

Rozhok. This is located directly on top of the School, and is on the ‘dead center’ of the map. Rozhok in itself is high in gun loot, but if you go around the edges of this town (especially on its southern end), you’ll see lots of good vehicles to choose from.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

The Entire Southern Island. The south island of Erangel (also known as Sosnovka Island) is full of vehicle spawns, especially around the Military Base. The northern coastal area of Sosnovka has a high concentration of boats that you can use to cross over to the northern island.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

What Strategy Is the Most Effective

One of the pro strategies you can use is to avoid landing on a zone that’s directly on your flight path. Majority of players, especially beginners and intermediate ones, already do this. If your favorite landing zone is on the flight path, try to resist the urge of landing there just because you’ve had success there in the past.

Keep in mind that you can glide up to 1-2 km away from your flight path as soon as you jump from the plane. Get as far away as possible from the flight path and pick a location that has a medium to high loot, with relatively lower risk. Use the suggested landing zones in this article and pick the ones that suit your playing style.

Remember, your goal is not to find enemies early on, but to survive long enough to reach the final circle. As soon as you land, the first objective is to avoid any shootout and immediately find a weapon for yourself.

As soon as you are loaded with basic weapons (and also military grade ones), you can then coordinate with your team to strengthen your firepower by travelling strategically from one town to another in search of stronger weapons and armor.

Try to avoid vulnerable spots where enemies can instantly spot you from afar. Utilize buildings and hard cover. Erangel has lots of places where you can move in stealth without attracting too much attention.

Let’s Compare PUBG Maps

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

It’s important to know that not all maps are created equal in PUBG. Each map (Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar, Sanhok) has a different theme and suitable gameplay. Let’s look at the differences between each one:

  • Maps sizes
Erangel and Miramar: 8 X 8 km
Vikendi: 6 X 6 km
Sanhok: 4 X 4 km

Size is definitely a factor because it contributes to how long your typical gameplay duration will be. Smaller maps like Sanhok and Vikendi usually take sooner to finish because enemies quickly find each other, and the shrinking safe zone covers the smaller terrain much faster. Generally, you will need more patience with a map like Miramar and Erangel.

  • Gameplay Comparison

Erangel has a decent amount of loot, considering its size. It has 24,058 total spawns, and only 4,689 of those are weapons spawns. Guns are quite scarce in Erangel compared to other maps, so it is important to know the best spawn locations in order to save time.

PUBG Erangel Map Guide

Miramar rank highest with a total of 43,343 loot spawns, with 7,929 weapon spawns.

Vikendi is second with total of 28,614 spawns, 5,443 are weapons spawns.

Although Sanhok has the least amount of total spawn, 32% of its total loot gives out weapons. This is the highest across all maps. Sanhok gives out 4,546 weapons spawns.

Total amount of gun loot affects gameplay on a large scale. In a gun scarce environment like Erangel, you need to play smarter, be more patient, become used to stealth tactics, and conserve your resources.  In gun abundant places like Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok, it’s best to move quicker and always beat your enemies to the punch.

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