Updated 08.27.2019

There’s a new attachment shaking up the PUBG meta and it’s called a Canted Sight, a secondary scope that sits at an angle on the side of your weapon. Although the name might seem daunting, the Canted Sight can strengthen your PUBG skills in every which way - provided you know how to use it.

The Canted Sight and PUBG skills

This will serve as a guide for everything related to the Canted Sight, from equipping one to using it and everything in between. The Canted Sight is easy to use but hard to master, so here’s some tips and tricks for using PUBG's newest attachment.

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What is a Canted Sight?

The Canted Sight and scopes

Many guns in PUBG now have a secondary scope slot, and this is exactly where a Canted Sight is going to be housed. The Canted Sight doesn’t override your current scope, instead, it becomes attached to the weapon at an angle, allowing you to switch between your ‘primary’ scope and the Canted Sight. Once swapped to, the Canted Sight acts similarly to a standard red dot or holographic sight.

Although a red dot might not seem impressive, the Canted Sight allows players to easily swap between long zoom scopes and short zoom scopes, giving incredible versatility to combat effectiveness. The Canted Sight pairs well with any long range weapon, and can even act as a stand-in for a short-ranged weapon such as an SMG or a shotgun.

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The Difference - With and Without?

Without a Canted Sight, your loadout is much more limited to a certain set of weapons. Traditionally the best loadout in PUBG is one short-range gun and one long range gun - such as a Vector and an M16A4, or an M416 and a Kar98. Now, one M416 loaded with a 4x and a Canted Sight can cover both long and close ranges, freeing up your secondary spot for whatever gun suits your fancy. Imagine you’re trying to snipe opponents from far away when you get ambushed from behind - no more clumsy weapon swapping or trying to use a long range sight up close, just swap to the Canted Sight and fire away.

How to Use a Canted Sight

 M416 Rifle with a Canted sight

The first step is acquiring one, but don’t worry, they’re as common as any red dot or holographic sight. After getting one, equip it in either the first or second slot on your weapon. If you equip only the Canted Sight it will be your only scope, and if you equip another scope after, the Canted Sight will remain as the primary scope. If you equip another scope and THEN the Canted Sight, the Canted Sight will be the secondary scope.

Once equipped, you should see the sight on your weapon. To switch between scopes, simply aim down sights and press:

  • Alt + Right Click for PC players
  • Square for Playstation players
  • X for Xbox players

If you’re still confused, this video from PUBG Corp can help:

How to use Canted Sight

Which Guns Can Use the Canted Sight

 21 Guns with a Canted Sight

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As of now, there are roughly 21 guns that can use a Canted Sight. To check if a weapon can use a Canted Sight, just look for a secondary scope slot next to the first. The following weapons can equip the sight:

Assault Rifles:

  • AKM
  • AUG
  • Beryl M762
  • G36C
  • M416
  • Mutant
  • QBZ
  • Scar-L

Sniper Rifles:

  • AWM
  • Kar98k
  • M24


  • Mini14
  • Mk14
  • QBU
  • SKS
  • SLR


  • Bizon
  • UMP45
  • Vector
  • MP5K


  • S12K


  • M249

Main Strategies

The Canted Sight is about versatility

The Canted Sight is all about versatility, and you should always keep that in mind to make the most of it. The Canted Sight lets you switch from long range to close range at the blink of an eye, so your strategy should make good use of guns that are effective at both ranges. The most obvious choice here is assault rifles; which are just as deadly up close as they are at a distance. The M16 can work as a DMR/assault rifle hybrid when using the single shot setting, and with a 4/6x scope and a Canted Sight this assault rifle can be ready for every range at a moments notice.

The Canted Sight can also be combined with a long range scope on a shotgun to make for an excellent scouting tool. If you have a long range scope but no-where to put it, try putting it on an SMG/shotgun with a Canted Sight to allow for quick scouting and area surveillance while still having a close range sight close at hand.

Overall the Canted Sight works well on any weapon that you would put a long range sight on. DMRs, snipers and assault rifles all just better with this update, so be on the lookout for some longe range battles.

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