The myriad of arsenal options in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is both a blessing and a curse. Don't you want to avoid situations where with only a few final players left and all you have is a weak peashooter?

The stakes are high, as you have a limited number of slots per match, so it’s best to get yourself properly accustomed to the best weapons available in advance.

We compiled this extensive guide to provide you with information about ace-high weapons and give you actionable tips on when to use them. Read on to find out more about the strongest PUBG weapons, their benefits and drawbacks.

To avoid any confusion, we've divided the guide into subcategories so that it'll be easier to structure information on every type of weapon. Along with general descriptions, you will get a detailed comparison of the most impactful features: damage, effective range, stability, rate of fire, ammo capacity and attachments.

Table of contents

PUBG New Weapons

Since the game is continuously being updated, new weapons are constantly coming in, so keep your eye out for the most recent updates.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

The Desert Eagle, or simply Deagle, is a high damage up-close-and-personal pistol, which can be spawned on all maps. With the right attachment, however, it can be well-suited for a mid-distance shot. Since it has an impressive 62 damage per hit, it can deal with a level 3 helmet with two quick shots on the head.

The Best Guns in PUBG (Best Weapon Tier Lists)

There is a lot to consider when choosing PUBG’s weapons because while a certain gun can excel and exceed others in the damage it causes, it can easily be the worst one to accept attachments. With heaps of weapons available, you need to know what is worth picking up.

PUBG: Best Pistols

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

P18C. Even though the P18C is one of the least powerful pistols in PUBG, it has the shortest time between shots. This characteristic can even put the P18C in line with submachine guns in terms of its usefulness.

While it definitely can be used as a primary weapon, it’s great as a secondary choice because of how quickly it can put down lead downrange. It eliminates targets during close-range engagements, which can be beneficial early in the game but lags behind when it comes to longer distances. High magazine capacity also makes up for average damage. The attachments will help with the quite high recoil.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Skorpion. Because of its full-auto firing mode and attachment slots, the Skorpion can be considered a compact SMG. It comes in handy early on, when enemies are within close range but haven’t yet grabbed their guns and armor. The pistol comfortably fits in the sidearm slot, leaving other slots free for the player.

The fact that the player won’t be capable to utilize quickdraw or extended quickdraw mags is the biggest downside to this weapon. This results in a longer reload time for the sidearm, which can be deadly in heated combat.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

P92. P92 is known to be in the middle ground of all pistols. With greater damage output than the P18C and the Skorpion, the P92 also boasts a decent time between shots, ammo per clip and low recoil. But when close to the target, it can quickly change how the game plays out.

Even though you might want to attach an extended mag, quickdraw magazines will work better; at least while extended quickdraw magazines are unavailable.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

P1911. Further increasing hit damage, the P1911 features excellent stopping-power because of .45 ACP bullets, especially in comparison to the less impactful 9mm rounds. But like most pistols, it reaches maximum efficiency when shot at close range. The best recommendation for using the P1911 is sticking to distances no further than 50-100m.

In combat, you might also be limited by ammo per clip characteristics. This can be offset by an extended or extended quickdraw magazine, which increases the capacity two-fold.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

PUBG: Sub Machine Guns

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Vector. The low recoil and moderate hit damage make it a suitable choice for close to mid-range engagements. The Vector has a fantastic time between shots (0.054s) and decent accuracy (especially compared to other SMGs). This combination is great for a player who prefers mobility during the game. Out of all sub-machine guns, the Vector can be increased the most due to the number of attachment slots.

The biggest disadvantage of this gun is limited ammo per clip. Typically, a player only manages to get rid of one or two enemies before having to reload. This is why you should always utilize attachments if you want to take this gun further into the match.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

UMP. The UMP has long been the ultimate A-lister of PUBG SMGs and it rocks almost three times as many bullets as compared to the Vector. While the UMP doesn't always stand up to the competition, for example its slow firing rate, the main selling points are still there: remarkably controllable recoil, efficiency at close-range combat, decent accuracy, and efficient range.

When equipped with the right attachments, the UMP has proven its usefulness in the later stages of the match. For example, you can increase control (although the control it already has will also suffice) or further reduce recoil for maximum stealthiness.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Tommy. The Tommy Gun has a less than impressive firing rate. However, the slow but powerful 45 ACP cartridge causes the biggest damage per hit, out of all of the SMGs. The best use of this gun comes in close-range combat. Players would greatly benefit from attaching an extended mag, as the capacity is increased significantly without affecting the reload time.

As for medium-to-long-range firing, the Tommy is no help. The inability of this weapon to attach sights makes the efficiency drop as soon as you go further than 50m from the target.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Best Assault Rifles

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Groza. Groza means Thunderstorm or Terror and it's not for nothing. The damage per second it causes combined with the stopping power of 7.62mm bullets makes it, unlike any other assault rifle. Any player will get a quick upgrade with this rare weapon, especially later in the game. The Groza is devastating during close-range engagements but is also competent for long-range shots.

One important thing to mention is that performing a dry reload will take 3,1 seconds, which is often time players can’t afford to lose. In order to mitigate this, don’t use up the whole magazine unless you are in a safe hiding position.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

M416. When you compare the M416 to other weapons in the same category, the baseline characteristics are similar, however, the initial bullet speed is slower than in AUG and M16A4. The M416 can significantly outperform its counterparts with its ability to accept the highest number of modifications. It allows for up to 5 attachments at once. A fully modified M416 is also a great catch because of its low recoil. Which turns the rifle into a fully automatic controllable weapon, even with a 4x ACOG Scope.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Beryl M762. While the 7.62mm-caliber Beryl might not be the most talked about, staple weapon, its damage per second beats nearly all the assault rifles, with the exception of the Groza. This quality is achieved by having the perfect mix of base damage and time between shots. Speaking of time between shots, the Beryl registers the lowest number among all assault rifles.

However, these benefits come at a cost – a horrible amount of recoil. This can be reduced by using a foregrip and compensator. The attachments will allow you to successfully use the Beryl for mid-to long-distance shots.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Scar-L. The Scar-L is considered the most efficient long-range assault rifle in PUBG, rocking exceptional accuracy and adequate damage. The weapon is stable and easy to control.

The most evident drawback, in the Scar-L, is restrictive iron sights, so it’s important to get hold of reflex sight or scope. After fitting it with suitable attachments, such as a vertical grip and compensator, and a 4x ACOG Scope, the rifle should be easy to use on full auto. Another issue to be mindful of is the slow bullet speed. But the Scar-L makes up for this in the form of minimum damage fall off over distance.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

PUBG: Best Shotguns

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

S12K. By shotgun standards, the S12K has a high firing rate and decent ammo per clip. Due to its semi-automatic nature, it allows players to hit multiple targets more easily. It doesn't require being manually cycled between shots. So, the best match scenario for the S12K is when a player needs to take out groups over a wide area; which this gun does pretty well in comparison to other shotguns.

The downsides manifest in its low range, even for a shotgun, and the extreme recoil. At close range, however, the effect is devastating to anyone on the other side of the gun. So, whatever it lacks in range and inconvenience, it makes up for in sheer volume.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

S686. Boasting the lowest time between shots in this category, the S686 is capable of firing two 12-gauge shells nearly instantaneously. These two shots fired in quick succession cause the most powerful damage.

The further you increase the distance, the less damage you will get out of the S686 unless it’s fitted with a choke. Also, beware of the long reload time. It doesn’t leave any room for error and if your shot is unsuccessful, there will only be a slim chance of salvaging the situation. However, when used efficiently, the downsides won’t noticeably hurt the player’s chances of gaining the upper hand in battle.

PPUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Best Sniper Rifles

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

AWM. AWM stands for Arctic Warfare Magnum and stands out from any other weapon in the game. First of all, it features the most impressive hit damage. It also happens to be one, of only two ranged weapons in PUBG (next to crossbow), which makes it possible to kill with only one headshot, despite them wearing a helmet. Moreover, at 500m, it is the only weapon capable of such a hit. There is another one-of-a-kind feature in AWM, which is .300 magnum bullets. This is the reason for the hit damage the rifle has.

On the other hand, because of the long reload time, you will have to move very fast between shots. Another player might recognize the sound, which increases your chances of being located and hunted.

PPUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

MK14 EBR. Anyone who can get their hands on this hard-hitting rifle will not have much trouble pinning down enemies. Since players can only get it in an airdrop, other players will attempt to snatch it. Its initial 10-round capacity will be useful for sniping, especially taking into account its high hit damage and quick bullet speed.

Despite having a bit more recoil than the AWM, MK14 EBR has proven to be very efficient. It can also prove very useful in a close, packed fight.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

SKS. While SKS's moderate precision is not suitable for a long-to-extreme-combat, it is a great choice for a mid-range fight. The effectiveness is also facilitated by high hit damage and time between shots of 0.100s. Also, the rifle is designed with overwhelming stopping power, if you can manage close-quarter combat.  

However, the magazine packs only 10 rounds. Coupled with high recoil, this makes players with an SKS an easy target to hunt. If you know an enemy has one of these, count to 10 shots and quickly advance to their hiding spot.

M24. M24 is also referred to as a Sniper Weapon System because of the detachable scope mount and other attachments. The main point of comparison is the Kar98k, as M24 is considered its upgrade. It has better muzzle velocities range and the reloads take less time. However, full reloads are not as quick and the precision decreases when the sights are not in use. Despite minor inconveniences, M24 should be prioritized as one of the best long-distance performance weapons.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

M249. The M249 light machine gun is a great choice when you want to quickly clear the room, especially in comparison to assault rifles with the same ammo of 5.56mm. The recoil is rather low but its fast rate of fire, which is comparable to M16A4, makes it difficult to control. If you want to enable the bipod, you can go prone. This not only further reduces the recoil but also helps you achieve a remarkably precise hit.

If you plan on using this gun for an extended period of time, you will have to have a decent stock of ammunition as M249 goes through ammo pretty quickly. Make sure you are not vulnerable when reloading because it can take you up to 7 seconds.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Best Melee

Pan. Rocking an impressive 80 base damage, the best melee weapon has surprisingly turned out to be a frying pan. This cast-iron pan has a rather unusual trait: it is fully impervious to bullets. Being capable of blocking shots from all ranged weapons, it has become an iconic asset. In the game, a player has an opportunity to kill an unarmored opponent with merely one strike to the head or two strikes to the body.


PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Crossbow. In the right context, the crossbow is a perfect choice for a stealthy kill. It is completely silent apart from a slight hiss when you get too close. Crossbow is commonly used at a medium-range distance (100-400m) and with a precise headshot guarantees an instant kill.  

If you get closer to the enemy, you increase the precision of the shot; but the reload time is extremely slow, which makes you vulnerable. As you move further away, the accuracy drops. You will also have to deal with a heavy drop, so you should aim relatively high. Overall, you will have to strike a balance.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

PUBG: Best Grenades

  • Frag Grenade. Using these throwables is a great (and terrifyingly lethal) way to bounce another player out of their hiding nook. Even though pulling the pin and throwing the grenade quickly is safer for you, consider the following: it explodes five seconds after ready delay and if you hold onto it for about three, you will leave no time for your enemies to react.  Short for fragmentation, the Frag Grenade scatters shrapnel in a way that, at the very least, leaves the enemies victim severely wounded. If done right, the grenade will cause internal damage or shock.
  • Smoke Grenade. Depending on your intention, creating a smokescreen can conceal your movements or strategically make other players pay attention to the distraction. This grenade works wonders when: you are pressed behind cover, you are exposed to enemies and sniper fire and need a safe route, or you want to distract your enemies during the solos. On the other hand, it’s better not to use it over water, when you don’t want your hiding place to be seen and when you are inside, while your enemies are outside.

PUBG Sanhok Weapons

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

QBZ95. If you are having trouble finding SCAR-L on the Sanhok map, there is a reason - it has been replaced by the Chinese assault rifle QBZ95. Those interested will be glad to know it will be easy to find.

This modern bullpup rifle is remarkably reminiscent of SCAR-L. With 5.56mm ammunition, it has hit damage of 43, carries 30 rounds of ammo in normal magazine size and can reach 40 rounds with an extended magazine size. However, there are two differences: it takes more time to reload but makes up for it with a better time between shots (0.092s).

QBU (QBU-88). Another replacement exclusive to the map is QBU. Having taken the place of Mini 14, this designated marksman rifle perfectly suits the scenery of Sanhok. It features a bipod, which considerably reduces recoil when fired from the prone position. Granted, it will take you a few rounds to drop your target, but you still benefit from the short travel time.

Like QBZ-95, it chambers 5.56mm rounds so you will have a decent supply of ammunition. You can also utilize a number of magazines, muzzles, and sights attachable to this firearm.

PUBG Miramar Weapons

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

Sawed-Off. It is exclusive to the desert map, and in many ways functions like another PUBG shotgun, a pocket S686. However, S686 has a smaller spread because of the longer barrel. Even though Sawed-Off does not impress players with its range, this heavyset double-barrel number can be put to great use in certain scenarios.

If you are in close quarters combat or need to engage shortly after the drop, use Sawed-Off to do a lot of damage quickly. Besides, it will only occupy a sidearm slot, which leaves room for other weapons. But as the distance to the target increases, it becomes less and less useful.

R45. R45, short for Rhino 60DS, is a 6-shooter that many players wished the R1895 to be. Similar to the R1895, it exceeds any other handgun but the downside is that it has a rather small ammo capacity and not the best time between shots (0.250s). The handgun makes up for these inconveniences with a speed loader, which reduces the reload time because you will not be bothered by individual loads. It also makes for a decent sidearm and its effectiveness manifests the most during middle-range fights. The shorter the bullet remains in the flight, the better the damage you will achieve.

PUBG Vikendi Weapons

MP5K. The snow map has brought an exclusive replacement to the Vector in the form of this 9mm ammo submachine gun. Overall, the firing mechanism didn’t change from the one in the Vector but it takes almost twice as much time between shots, with 0.092s, in the MP5K. On the plus side, the hit damage has been increased from 34 to 39.

MP5K accommodates every type of attachment, which is also a perk. Since it is considered a shorter variant MP5, MP5K is recommended for use in close combat scenarios.

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

G36C. This compact variation of the German G36 chambers 5.56mm bullets. It also has impressive hit damage of 41 and a DPR comparable with the M416. It has better control in short-to-mid-range engagement.

As for weapon augmentations, it has a lower and upper rail so you can experiment with different attachments. The Extended Mag fits 40 bullets instead of the typical 30 but you are also free to attach Quickdraw Mag or Extended Quick if you want the benefits of bigger capacity and shorter amount of time.

PUBG Erangel Weapons

PUBG Weapons Guide: Best Weapons to Use for a Victory

DP28. This slow but hard-hitting Erangel gun is a rare weapon. But you might be lucky and strike it if you know where to look - Mylta Nuclear Power Plant and the Sosnovka Military Base. It shoots 7.62mm ammo and with 47 available rounds, you will have plenty of bullets to eliminate your enemies. That said, the highest damage can be achieved at a distance of 50m and gets significantly reduced the closer you get to 300m.

The drawback is the 7-second reload time, which means you can become extremely vulnerable, especially in a close-range fight. When free-firing, the recoil becomes hard to manage but it can be offset by a bipod.

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