Let’s talk about Blue zone. This element of the game forces you to move and creates an action. According to our calculations, about 5% of deaths occur due to Blue zone in public games. In this article, we will look at how often and why players die in Blue zone, depending on its stage (just a reminder, there are 10 stages).

Some of these deaths are afk-players, and the other half like some rofl and bridge camping in Blue zone or fight on the pans with teammates in one squad. There are those who play the loot simulator until Blue zone kills them due to the fact that they forgot to heal.

But most players die outside the circle due to incorrect movements. In PUBG, you should always consider several routes, based on flight path, and also you must take into account the random narrowing of the circles. Most players ignore these rules or just lazy to think during the game. So, the gameplay turns into aimless running, endless looting, random shooting, and as a result - death, and start the match over again.

Blue Zone PUBG

Infographics show that about 1% of players die in the 1st zone, which is not surprising - the area leeches a low amount of HP and you can always get out of it on foot. But starting from the 2nd zone, the percentage significantly increases up to the 4th narrowing, so-called “early-game". Increasingly, the area begins to “bite” by leeching more HP, and the remaining players get closer to each other, causing more frequent fights.

If you play for victory, try hard, like you're at the World Cup, in this case, all the battles that occur at this stage are almost useless. In the competitive scene, practically all players ignore the starting fights and focus more on playing the mid/late game.

Strangely enough, the majority of deaths (30%) in Blue zone occur in the “mid-game”, namely in the 5-6 zone. This is because players couldn't take positions within the circle, because of fighting in Blue zone, which causes more and more damage. Because of this, they are often ambushed by enemies who defend the area in convenient places, they shoot down enemy vehicles, or shoot at them until they try to escape from Blue zone.

There's a lot of random in the “late-game”: no one can predict exactly how the circle will move in this stage (although, we have thoughts on this, and we will soon share it with you). If you are lucky and you're inside the circle, be sure to use this advantage - choose a good position and shoot everyone who is outside the circle, and Blue zone will help you do it much faster!

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