PUBG players are used to using medicines to restore their health. We decided to calculate how much money they would have to spend if they bought the necessary drugs in real life. Whatever you say - when you go on such a dangerous adventure, good health insurance will come in handy.

Our statistics is based on the matches played by GOSU.AI users and covered almost half a million games. Let's hit the road...


Bandages - the most popular and the cheapest product. Players bought material for dressings more than 6.5 million times. If they bought bandages at a regular pharmacy, they would have to spend more than $ 3million.

And this point would make happy a head office of Red Bull. The second most popular theme is energy drinks. More than $ 6 would be spent on rapid energy recovery orally. Should be interesting to compare with real sales of energy drinks around the world.

The EpiPen with adrenaline is expensive. And not the most demanded. Nevertheless, $ 42 million would bring a good income to manufacturers. And a lot of adrenaline to the players themselves.

The last thing to note - Medkit. It would be the least bought. We took a large Ambulance set as an analogue. The Medkit case is expensive, almost $ 350. But in the game it's a necessary item, if your health is seriously shaken.

While looking at the numbers we came to the conclusion that health insurance for PUBG in real life is not a cheap thing. So try to play without injury and enjoy your great health!

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