This week we selected three assault rifles - Beryl M762, M416, and SCAR-L, which are most often used by our users.

We examined the most popular attachments for each of the rifles and calculated the accuracy with which players shoot at a specific assembly, regardless of the firing distance. Stats based on 1,5M matches.

Implementation of the most popular configurations of Assault rifles

The highest accuracy (14%) for players who use the M416 with the following attachments:

  • Flash Hider
  • Light Grip
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Tactical Stock
  • x2 Scope

For users who play with the Beryl M762 in the configuration shown in the picture, the accuracy is 13.3%. Least accuracy for players who use SCAR-L — 12.8%.

With which assault rifle do you have the highest accuracy and which attachments do you prefer over it?

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