PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest battle royale games in the world, usually keeping a spot as one of the top three most played games on steam. So if you have been living under a rock for the past two years you may be asking: what is PUBG? PUBG is at its core a battle royale game, meaning you and up to three teammates will be duking it out on a massive map with 99 other players, all in hopes of getting that chicken dinner - first place.

PUBG is produced by PUBG Corp and is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and even mobile devices. The game is basically playable for everyone, so there are no good reasons to sit there and not give it a try! But if you are dropping in for the first time, you’ll need more than just your instincts and wits, you’ll need some intel and strategy. There are a lot of things to cover if you want to get good at PUBG; weapons, locations, armor, hot spots and more. This guide details everything you could ever want to know about becoming a PUBG pro, so be sure to check out these PUBG tips and tricks before you drop in!

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How Battlegrounds Works in PUBG

How Battlegrounds Works in PUBG

PUBG has always been a little different from most other games: as it is more tactical, more intense, and most importantly, more difficult. Every game of PUBG starts out with 100 people in an airplane, and from there players will parachute out and spread throughout the map, dropping into different locations and environments. Once you parachute your way to the ground, the objective from there on out is to find guns, kill people, and most importantly to survive. Weapons and loot generally spawn on the floors of buildings, so that is a good place to start.

Before you learn how to win, you’ll need to learn how to survive. There are a lot of threats to watch out for in PUBG, the main one being other players, but there is also another constant threat - the blue circle. You’ll find the circle outlined in your minimap, and after a set amount of time it will begin to close from the outside in. Everyone outside of the circle starts taking damage, so you’ll want to head inside the area before the ‘blue zone’ starts taking your health. Those are the basics of PUBG: parachute down, find a weapon, avoid the blue zone and other players. Finding a weapon and avoiding the blue zone can be difficult, so it’s important to know the best drop zones and proper positioning.

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How to Survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Survival is key to winning in PUBG, from start to finish. Your goal is to stay alive for as long as possible, and your playstyle should mirror that fact. It can be tempting to run towards distant gunshots or engage in a long-range sniper war, but nine times out of ten it’s not going to be worth it unless you are sure you can get the kill and come out alive. If you see enemy players, ask yourself the following: are my teammates with me? Are there other squads around? Can I escape? If you’re unsure about any of these questions, it is probably best to wait. Your goal is not to get the most kills possible, your goal is to stay alive for as long as possible at whatever cost. Even if that means giving up a kill.

Being stealthy will also aid you in staying alive for as long as possible. Sneaking around in PUBG is hard because your footsteps make a lot of noise, but there are a few ways to combat this. Taking off your shoes will quiet your footsteps slightly and crouching while aiming down sights will eliminate all noise. The red circle, which drops bombs in a small area on the map, can also be used to cover up the sounds of you walking, as the explosions will cover any noise you make.

The Easiest Drop Zones


Erangel is the game’s first map, filled with forests, mountains and cities. All the hotheads will be aiming for places like school, military base and Georgeopol, and while these places might have some of the best loot they also have the toughest enemies. Here are the best places to drop in Erangel:

  • Ferry Town Pier
  • Zharki
  • Ruins
  • Water Town
  • Kameshki

Miramar is PUBG’s desert map, and as such it has different buildings and places than Erangel. Erangel is packed with cities, forests and cover, but Miramar is nothing but sand sprinkled with a few buildings. Here are the best locations to drop in Miramar:

  • Minos del Sur
  • Los Higos
  • La Cobreria
  • Ruins
  • Puerto Paraiso

Sanhok is the smallest map and PUBG, and you’ll have to watch out because things can get violent fast on these islands. The weather will also change over the course of the match, so be ready for both fog and sunshine. Here are five good locations to drop in Sanhok:

  • The Docks
  • Ruins
  • Pai Nan
  • Ban Tai
  • Tam Bang

Vikendi is PUBG’s newest map, and it comes covered in snow and loot. Vikendi is somewhere in between the size of Erangal and Sanhok, so you won’t run into as many players as you would in Sanhok. Vikendi has a lot of cool locations to offer, but here are a few of the best:

  • Trevno
  • Port
  • Movatra
  • Pilnec
  • Abbey
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Map Positioning

Once you have dropped down, it’s time to work on your map positioning. When moving around the map in PUBG, cover should be your number one riority at all times. Getting caught out in the open is an easy way to get picked off in a matter of seconds, so you’ll always want to think about what you can use for cover near you. When out in nature, you’ll want to keep yourself close to rocks and trees - forests can be a good place to hide for this exact reason. Try to avoid fields at all costs, however if you find yourself stuck out in the open with no cover, laying down in grass or wheat will keep you hidden.

When repositioning, it can be tempting to use a vehicle, but remember that most vehicles in PUBG aren’t exactly armored cars. Most cars in PUBG have around 1500-1800 health, which means they’ll explode in under 40 shots from assault rifles, which is not exactly a lot. Only reposition using a car if you have to travel a long distance to get in the circle. If you are going for a care package, drive up to the crate then park the vehicle and use it as cover. If necessary, you can also shoot your own tires to lower the car to the ground, meaning enemies will be unable to hit your feet.

Getting the Best Gear

Getting the Best Gear

The next step is getting loot, as you’ll be completely helpless and defenseless without it. Looting may seem simple, but in PUBG your looting speed can make the difference between a win and a loss. The best looting strategy doesn’t use the interact button at all, as when you loot a hotspot you’ll be trying to take as much of it as possible in the shortest amount of time. To do this you’ll want to open your inventory and look for the section that shows loot on the ground, and from there just drag it into your inventory and watch it auto-equip. Using the interact key can be tempting, but mastering the drag and drop is an important step in becoming a great PUBG player.

If you are looting in a danger zone, try to get guns and ammo as quickly as possible, but if you are looting alone try to get a backpack (increased inventory space) and a vest (damage reduction and increased inventory space) first, as running out of inventory slots will slow down your looting speed. Also, while looting, it’s important that you ‘wiggle’ back and forth, making yourself a harder target to hit. This can be used to quickly loot a body after a kill, but you should always clear your surroundings before looting anyway.

Consumables Guide

As of now there are seven different types of ‘consumables’ and four different types of ‘throwables,’ each which have their own uses. Consumables are items that you use to boost yourself, and throwables are usually explosives, some which come with a twist. Consumables come in two main types: stimulants and healers.

The Healers

After taking damage in PUBG, your health bar will need to be filled up with some healing. There are three different healing items, and the first two only take you up to 75% of your health bar.

  • The Bandage: 4 second cast time, heals 10 health over 4 seconds.
  • The First Aid Kit: 6 second cast time, always heals to 75%.
  • The Med Kit: 8 second cast time, heals to 100%.

The Stimulants

Stimulants are the main way to raise your health bar above 75%. Your stimulants or ‘boost’ bar is located directly above your health bar and has four distinct chunks. The first bar heals 1% of health per second, the second bar heals 2% per second, the third bar heals 3% per second and increases your speed by 2.5% and the final bar heals 4% per second and increases your speed by 6.2%.

  • The Energy Can: 4 second cast time, increases boost by 40, lasts for 2 minutes and restores 23 health.
  • Painkillers: 6 second cast time, increases boost by 60, lasts for 3 minutes and restores 40 health.
  • The Adrenaline Syringe: 6 second cast time, increases boost to full, lasts for 5 minutes and will restore health to full over time.


Throwables in PUBG are grenades, however each grenade is wildly different, so let’s get into it piece by piece.

  • Frag Grenade: 5 second delay till explosion, damages enemies within the radius.
  • The Molotov Cocktail: Explodes instantly, lighting an area on fire. Enemies in the fire take 12.5 damage per second, and players who catch fire take 10 extra damage for 4 seconds.
  • The Stun Grenade: 2.5 second delay till explosion, blinds enemies in radius. Enemies will be blinded for 1 to 5.5 seconds, depending on how close they were to the grenade.
  • The Smoke Grenade: 2 second delay till detonation, billows out smoke for 30 seconds.
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Best Weapons

Best Weapons

PUBG currently has 38 weapons, some of which are map specific. We’ll take it step by step, detailing the strongest weapons in PUBG, as well as how to counter them.

The Scar-L Assault Rifle

The Scar is one of the most versatile weapons in PUBG, and it’s able to handle just about every situation you throw at it. The Scar has full auto capacity and deals 43 body damage and 101 headshot damage before damage reductions. It takes 2.83 seconds to reload and has a blindingly fast time to kill, even against an enemy with full armor.


The AWM sniper rifle is one of the most prized possessions in all of PUBG. It only comes from crates, but it has an insanely high body shot damage of 120 to make up for it. A headshot from the AWM will kill any enemy regardless of armor, but it has a painfully slow 1.85 second time in between shots, meaning you’ll want to be sure you can hit the enemy before you shoot. If you come across an enemy with an AWM, keep your head down and stay behind cover.

The Vector SMG

The Vector Submachine gun is single handedly the best close-range weapon in the game. The Vector can be fired incredibly fast, capable of emptying its entire clip in less than a second, all while dealing 31 body damage and 55,8 to the head. The Vector’s main weakness is its magazine size of 19, however it can be bumped up to 33 using an extended mag. If you see an enemy with a Vector, try taking a long-distance approach to combat.

How to Trick “The Blue” in PUBG

How to Trick “The Blue” in PUBG

Let’s cover a few basics about the blue circle and their safe zones. The first white circle covers a large portion of the map, and once you see it the blue circle will take around five full minutes to close in. This circle does low damage, and if you have a vehicle don’t be afraid to finish looting as you’ll be able to get in the white easily.

If you see the next white circle is far away from you, you’ll have to move fast, as the blue zone will be coming at you fast. If the next white zone is only a short distance away from the current white circle, the blue zone will move in at a considerably slower speed. Use this fact to your advantage, as often times running diagonally towards the ‘closer side’ will help you evade the blue zone faster than straight lining in. You can survive for around four minutes with full health in the first circle, but the final circle will kill you in around ten seconds. Try to move in quickly and remember to take off your shoes to quiet your footsteps (when not in sand).

You usually want to be fighting players who are inside the blue zone from the white zone, but keep in mind that this won’t have an effect on combat for the first few circles. In the mid game, dipping out of the circle to get a better position is a great move, but towards the end game you can only dip in and out for a few seconds. Still, always keep this fact in mind, as it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the blue zone is a death zone when it’s not. Players will always surprise you by dipping out or coming from the blue zone, so having your back to the blue zone never means you are fully safe. To add to this; always be prepared to face ‘zone campers’ as you move into the next safe zone. These players will try to pick you off as you’re in the blue zone, so as the game goes on try to quickly move into the upcoming safe zone so you’re not stuck fighting in the blue.

The Simple Guide to Fast and Easy Building Loot

When you first enter a building, there’s a few things you want to do to make sure you are looting as fast as possible. The main thing you want to look for is big clumps of loot, as these will hold the most value in the smallest area. To collect these big piles, open your inventory and try to quickly drag every item from the surrounding area directly into your inventory, making sure to avoid using the “interact” key unless you’re trying to pick up one item. When you first enter a room plot your course, as you’ll want to run through as quickly as possible.

When exiting the building, you’ll want to use the short hop strategy to quickly shoot through a window. This works by sprinting, jumping, then quickly crouching right before you hit the window and it should shoot you directly through.

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Differences in PUBG on Console and PUBG on PC

Differences in PUBG on Console and PUBG on PC

Although PUBG is pretty much the same game on both console and PC, there are a few key differences between the two that can impact the correct playstyle. Don’t worry - it’s still a battle royale game through and through, so here is some pro tips and tricks for playing PUBG on console and PC.

Major PUBG Tips for PC

PUBG PC players have a distinct advantage because they can use a mouse and keyboard. This may not seem like it’d make a huge difference, but it does for a few reasons. The most important being that a mouse allows for much easier “flick” shots, meaning you can easily spin your reticle around to down a player who’s behind you. Also, the PC version of PUBG has access to the FOV slider. Cranking this up to the max will allow for a much wider field of view, so be sure to do this before launching into a match. PUBG PC comes without aim assist, meaning you’ll have to be dead set on your target before pulling the trigger.

Major PUBG Tricks for Consoles

PUBG on console is infamous for being difficult to master, and that fact stems from being confined to a controller without the heavy aim assist. Taking long sniper shots on console isn’t recommended unless you are really really confident - and even then, take your time. If you can handle it, you might want to turn your sensitivity up and your aim acceleration down. Aim acceleration is unique to console, and makes your reticle speed up as it moves. It can be useful for doing a quick 180, but it can be a huge problem when trying to engage combatants at mid to long range.

The Great List of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tips and Tricks


  • Drop towards the edge of the map
  • Avoid high density locations i.e. school and Pecado
  • Avoid parachuting for as long as possible
  • Start looting the second you hit the ground


  • Prioritize weapons when in danger, prioritize backpacks when alone
  • Drag loot from inventory, avoid using interact key
  • Vests increase inventory space like a backpack
  • “Wiggle” when looting corpses or while in danger
  • Avoid looting bodies until area is clear


  • Take off shoes to quiet your footsteps
  • Crouch and ADS to eliminate all noise
  • Cars take less than 50 shots to kill
  • Use cars as cover
  • Popping the tires on a car will protect your feet


  • Most healing only heals up to 75%
  • Avoid wasting bandage healing
  • Wait to stim until at 75% or above
  • Get in cover before using first aid kit or med kits
  • Grenades are best used as area denial


  • Weapons take different types of ammo
  • Prioritize “all purpose weapons” like assault rifles and some SMGs
  • Make sure you have a rounded out set of weapons, covering close, mid and long ranges
  • Communicate with your team to spread out the ammo and attachments
  • Be cautious before going for a care package
  • Switch up your loadout to be more close quarters suited as the circle moves in

The Blue Zone

  • The blue zone deals minimal damage at first, ramping up as time goes on
  • Remember to stim up before venturing into the blue zone
  • Dip into the blue zone quickly to reposition for a flank
  • Be careful moving into the safe zone from the blue

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