This week we counted how many players die in shootouts at different distances.

The main part of the shootings falls on the initial stage of the game. Most of the users die in the locations of the landing, where there is chaos. At such points, crashes mainly occur at a distance of not more than 200 meters.

Fallen heroes in PUBG

More than 7 million, total of 59% of all players, have died in close-range shootings since June this year.
Not many players stay alive until the middle stage of the game , so there are much less kills at a distance of over 200 meters. Only 7% of the fallen at a distance of 200-300 meters.
As for the late game, more skilled players consistently reach up to this stage,those who can easy and successfully lead shootouts on medium and long distances.
Number of dead on 400-500 meters count about 300 thousands players.
These statistics show that most users do not like the long wait for action and rush into battle immediately.
This is not the best strategy, as when landing in a popular location it's not always possible to find a weapon first, and the price of random is high. And traveling into the lobby after every bad landing very quickly becomes annoying.
Therefore, it is better to choose not the most popular locations and travel steadily around the map, while moving to the top 1!

πŸ”₯ And what kind of gameplay do you choose most often? Do you fall into hot spots or prefer a calm looting at the start and further measured game fully combat ready?

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