The information has arrived about the strongest guns in the hands of users. The info-graphics presented show a comparison of the most popular trunks of each type in pairs.

We looked at several options with specific weapons and counted the number of won and lost shootings. When calculating, only those cases in the game were taken into account when both one and the second player hit each other.

Duels. Whose gun is bigger?

When shooting from the most popular assault rifles M416 and AKM, the percentage of won shootouts between players is almost the same 50.5% vs 49.4%

The advantage of the M416 in its high rate of fire and low recoil, the AKM is good for its high damage and penetrative power.

The duel of snipers in PUBG occurs almost regularly, but most players shoot poorly from sniper rifles and do not hit the target. With nearly 1000 meetings of players with M24 vs Kar98k, most often, the winners are usually players with M24, although the damage from Kar98k in the last patches raised.

The enormous difference in the duels won when shooting from DMR's, specifically SKS, is much inferior to SLR. 977 wins versus 690. The SLR has higher bullet speed and base damage. Also, a huge plus of this DMR in front of SKS is that for effective shooting from it, only two attachments are sufficient (a compensator or a suppressor and a cheek pad).

Well, with what gun are you destroying all your enemies? If you liked this infographic, leave your comments below and write what pairs in this comparison you would like to see!

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