One of the most balanced maps in the last zones in which the last kills were committed is Vikendi:

Chicken Dinner - Vikendi Heatmap

The main part of significant locations and cities such as Castle, Goroka, Tovar, Volnova, Zabava, Dobro Mesto, and others fall into the final zones. Due to such zone variability, the gameplay on Vikendi with each new match becomes more diverse. It means that you need to think through a strategy on how to play and win in a particular location in every new match.

Nowadays, Vikendi is not included in the list of competitive maps and is not used in competitions, as it appeared in PUBG last. Based on current data and the balance on the map, it may be worth adding it and see how professional players will act.

And do you like Vikendi? How often do you play on it? And where is your most favourite last zone?
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