Erangel displays the points at which the last kill most often occurs before the cherished "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER." In PUBG season 5, a total of three such areas are currently highlighted: Gatka, part of the Quarry, and Sawmill.

Chicken Dinner - Heatmap

The presented heat map shows that the final zone rarely covers cities along the edges of the map.

As for Sosnovka Island, here the game ends most often at the radio station and on the territory near the Western bridge.

And of course the basic rule of the game is preserved, which says that the zone always leaves the water.

In the future, we will present the rest of the heatmaps for Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok. In the meantime, write how much this information matches your game endings and in what locations you pick up your Chicken Dinner!

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