Erangel statistics. 

It’s hard to believe but the vast majority of players in a match cannot get even a single kill. Who is that majority? Some players are newbies trying to understand the essence of the game. Another part land at the hot spots like School, Sosnovka Military Base, Mylta, Georgopol and other crowded places.

Everyone wants action, but if you play to win, play strategical. Getting into a massacre hoping to find a fine weapon and survive is a bad idea.

In this scenario you cannot deeply understand the aspects of the game. PUBG requires another way of thinking!

First of all study the map, landscape, game mechanics and get used to the sounds. You have to learn how to rotate around the map, attack/defend different objectives, study the weapons. It’s really challenging to master everything mentioned above if you are tend to land at hot pots searching for immediate action. So basically, get into the habit of landing at uncrowded places.

According to our statistics, a player can become one of top 8 with only 2 kills scored. To take top 1 you do not need to have some crazy scores like 10+ kills with 500+ damage done. Obviously, good shooting is an essential skill in the game game, however even 4 kills usually is enough to take the first place.

Sometimes even the best professional players manage to take their Chicken Dinner with only 3-4 kills scored for a whole squad!

Many players forget that PUBG is an extreme survival battle royale! So the ability to survive is the key to victory!

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Interactive Erangel map

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