Today we decided to compare the effectiveness of different muzzle-attachments on one of the most beloved AR-s in the game - AK-47. What attachments do you think are most effective on this gun?

The Implementation of different attachments on AKM

Based on the games of GOSU.AI users, they show the best average accuracy on AKM with x4 sight and Extended QuickDraw Magazine.

So, as a basis, we took the AK-47 with an x4 sight and Ext. QuickDraw Mag. and added three different AR muzzles to it. We have compared the statistic of all three muzzles on three different ranges. Results were quite interesting.

Very surprisingly, ‘Compensator’, the most popular muzzle on all AR’s, is the least effective out of three muzzles based on our statistics. It is only slightly better than ‘Suppressor’ on a short distance but is losing to other muzzles in all other distances.

Suppressor overall has a very good showing on medium and long distances.

🔥 What are your favorite attachments on AK-47? Would you like to see this info-graphic for other guns? Leave your suggestions in comments.

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