On the presented pictures you can see the hitting accuracy to different parts of the body. We took 400 exact hits on the target with each weapon and compared to weapons players strike into the head, torso, arms, pelvis, legs constantly. Even though it is always advisable to aim and shoot at the enemy’s head, only 52 out of 400 bullets hit the opponent’s head considering all types of weapons in the game.

All maps stats. 

No surprise here, the most effective weapons, which can be used to hit the target directly in the head are SR's and DMR's. M24 tops the list in a dominating way compared to other weapons. High bullet speed and accuracy makes this weapon one of the most dangerous in the game.


The most common area to receive the bullet is the torso. Over 53% of all shots reach the chest area of players. Very popular assault rifles, such as m416, G36C, QBZ, and AK-47 hit the target with 212 of 400 times respectively. One of the most inaccurate weapons in the game, DP-28, very often hits the target in the legs. High recoil makes it very hard for most players to hit targets in the more effective areas, such as head or body. So it is always better to lie down when you are shooting with DP-28 just to make recoil less.


We also calculated precision of hitting body parts in every single map. Each picture shows weapons with the highest exactness in the indicated parts of the body on different maps. For example, on the Erangel, 40% of all M24 shots approach to a head. Surprisingly, players get into the torso more often with the less popular Vector, than with other weapons and count 63% of all their shots. A rather small percentage of hit correctness goes towards the arms, pelvis, and legs with each UMP, SCAR-L, and DP-28. Quite an interesting and amusing fact that the highest accuracy of hitting the torso on a Vikendi comes with a machine pistol Skorpion despite the massive selection of weapons.

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