Guide for dealing physical/magical damage in melee/ranged battle. The basis of build is a combination of weapons in the form of Tank for Expeditions & PVP.

Sword and shield + WarHammer


This build is suitable for tank Expeditions and PvP battles. The main goal is to protect allies and control opponents. This build is not the best choice for pumping levels. It reveals itself well on high-level content.


Sword + Shield

New World: Tank for Expeditions and PVP

War Hammer

New World: Tank for Expeditions and PVP

Description of abilities

Basic Abilities for Aggro of Opponents

  • Shield Bash is an Aggro for one or more purposes. The ability will only work if the opponents are in front of the character. It stuns all wounded enemies. With the passive Intimidating Bash ability - becomes an excellent Aggro generator.

New World: Tank for Expeditions and PVP

  • Defiant Stance - it is your AOE-Aggro, which will be useful for the aggro of the whole room, and will also give you a great way to reduce incoming damage.

New World: Tank for Expeditions and PVP

  • Shockwave - it is the last Taunt. It creates Aggro in a smaller radius than Defiant Stance, but also applies stun. With the passive ability, Frailty imposes a debuff of Weakening.

New World: Tank for Expeditions and PVP

Ability control

  • Shield Rush - is a way to knock out enemies. Having the passive abilities Improved Rush and Intimidating Rush, he also applies weakening and slowing down on impact.

New World: Tank for Expeditions and PVP

  • Path of Destiny - useful in the presence of passive Seismic Waves. The ability allows you to stun opponents along the line. It also works well as getting the first Aggro from a long distance.

New World: Tank for Expeditions and PVP

  • Armor Breaker, along with the passive ability Lasting Trauma, is used to apply Rend to the boss or other targets. It does good damage, so it should be used as often as possible.

New World: Tank for Expeditions and PVP


The main goal in Expeditions is to Aggro enemies to allow allies to attack monsters from behind and not worry about health. It is very important to use the ability of control with Debuffs on your enemies in time, slowing down and increasing damage to them. This will help the allies to deal with the enemy threat faster.

Bonuses of Characteristics

In the final build, with items worn, you need to have 300 Constitution and the rest of the points of characteristics to invest in Strange for more damage and outheal from abilities.

Pumping Constitution significantly increases the Armor indications, health and recovery of health by consumables. In addition, you get a bonus to light attacks from pumping Strength.


  1. 50 - All consumables restoring health become more effective by 20%
  2. 100 - Maximum health increased by 10% of physical armor.
  3. 150 - 20% less damage from critical hits that are dealt to you.
  4. 200 - +20% of the armor
  5. 250 - you get 80% less damage while you have full health
  6. 300 - +30% to the duration of stun, slow down and immobilize skills


  1. 50 - +15% Damage for light attacks for melee weapons

Type of Armor

Heavy armor is the main choice of equipment in this build. It significantly increases the survival rate of the character thanks to the 100 Constitution bonus, which adds 10% to the health of the total amount of armor.