Hi! Recently Amazon released an amazing game New World in the MMO RPG genre. We are glad to inform you that our service is starting to support this project. We will do our best to help users understand the various aspects of this game and make their gaming experience even more enjoyable.

At this stage, we have made a selection of current builds with various variations of weapons. We will tell you how to distribute the points of characteristics and which talents of the weapons used are the most effective, as well as show the sequence of their leveling.

New World is now on Gosu.ai too!

There are both short and detailed guides for each build. This will help users to easily understand all aspects of the chosen style of play.

New World is now on Gosu.ai too!

New World is now on Gosu.ai too!

We are currently developing several useful features. Some of them are:

  1. Interactive map. It will be displayed directly in the in-game overlay. This will enable users to quickly find the necessary resources, items, quests, etc.
  2. Combinations of abilities.

This functionality will help users use their abilities most effectively, which will be useful both at the leveling stage and when passing high-level content and PVP activity.

  1. Talent calculator and custom guides.

We want to allow users to share their experiences with other players and show them their vision for a particular aspect of the game.

  1. Voice interaction with the assistant. In-game tips and voice guides.
  2. Mini-map.

We really hope that our application will help users in mastering the new game. Our team is open to dialogue with players to make the functionality pleasant and useful for everyone.