Guide for dealing physical/magical damage in melee/ranged battle. The basis of this build is a combination of weapons in the form of Combat Healer.

Table of contents

Main Weapon: Сrook of Life + Hatchet


The main feature of the build is the variability of classes. It allows you to act as both a Healer and aMelee Damager. This build is ideal for both leveling up a character and completing Expeditions.

The main task of this build is to heal allies. The hatchet acts as an auxiliary weapon to weaken opponents in those moments when treatment is not required.


Life Staff

New World: Боевой Хилер


New World: Боевой Хилер

Description of abilities

Abilities for treatment in this build

New World: Боевой Хилер

Sacred Ground -it is an AoE heal that restores stamina and mana when you and your allies are in range.

New World: Боевой Хилер

Orb of Protection - it is the second healing, which heals with ammunition, and not with a gradual heal. With the help of passive Protector's Blessing imposes 10 seconds of Recovery buff. With the Aegis passive, the buff acts on allies within a radius of 3m.

New World: Боевой Хилер

Beacon - it is another healing in the area, which, in combination with the passivated Light and Radiance Blessing, increases the radius of usage. Duration is 15 seconds.

Hatchet Abilities

New World: Боевой Хилер

Rending Throw - this skill is used to apply Render, with a passive Targeted Impact. Rend is now 15%, while with Second Wind, the recovery time is reduced by 20% if the enemy already had a debuff that you yourself hung on the enemy.

New World: Боевой Хилер

Social Distancing - applies 25% slowdown. Paired with the passive skill Stay Back gives 30% speed when hitting an enemy with a negative effect.

New World: Боевой Хилер

Infected Throw - reduces the healing efficiency of the target by 30%. Also reduces the damage of this target by 10%. In combination with the passive ability, Aerial Transmission creates a 3-meter area of disease damage.


The main tasks during the game in the group are choosing the right position, healing the Tank and the rest of the allies. It is always necessary to monitor the active buffs of allies and update them in time.

It is very important to use the Crook of Life as much as possible. Thanks to passive skills such as Sacred Protection, the maximum health of the group increases by 10%.

There is an additional feature hidden in the build - this is the ability to quickly change the class. In this case, it is to become a Melee Damager. To do this, you need to level up the Attributes into Force and take the Left branch of the Hatchet skills.

Attribute Bonuses

For this build, you need to invest 300 points in Focus, and the rest in Constitution.


  1. 50 - 10% mana recovery rate.
  2. 100 - 20% of mana volume.
  3. 150 - 20% to the strength of the treatment.
  4. 200 - 20% of the duration of the buffs you apply.
  5. 250 - +30 mana when killing with your own hands or with your group.
  6. 300 - when completely depleted of mana, get 200% mana regeneration for 10 seconds (1 time in 60 seconds).


  1. 50 - All consumables restoring health are more effective by 20%.
  2. 100 - max health increased by 10% of physical armor.

Type of Armor

There are two possible equipment options in this build - Light and Heavy Armor. Choosing a light type of armor will give a bonus in the form of a 20% increase in healing, as well as additional mobility. When choosing Heavy Armor, the character will not be as mobile, but this will allow you to survive more attacks from opponents.