Guide for dealing physical/magical damage in melee/ranged battle. The basis of this build is a combination of weapons in the form of Combat Berserker.

Table of contents


This build allows you to deal a huge amount of damage and helps to quickly deal with enemies. It is useful both on Siege and Expeditions and in PvE battles. The basis of this build is AoE abilities that are well suited for farming many monsters at the same time, or for massive PvP battles.


Great Axe

New World: Боевой Берсерк

War Hammer

New World: Боевой Берсерк

Description of abilities

Great Axe

New World: Боевой Берсерк

Reap - Using an axe, you attract enemies within 5 meters in front of you and deal them 110% weapon damage. Together with the passive Hunger gives you the ability to heal by 30% of the damage done with this ability. Together with the passive Fatal Attraction allows you to apply an additional attack that deals 115% damage from weapons.

New World: Боевой Берсерк

Charge - You rush at the enemy, running 10 meters and dealing 120% weapon damage at the moment you reach the target, or by pressing the LKM. It gives an Unstoppable effect while using the ability. Together with the Frenzied Momentum and Unpredictable Strike passives, it helps to deal more damage at the end of the ability.

New World: Боевой Берсерк

Execute - A powerful attack that deals 200% weapon damage. Deals 300% weapon damage if the target has less than 50% HP. Passives Unstoppable Greed and Executioner makes this ability an excellent last ability, which is important to keep under a smaller amount of health of your enemy.

War Hammer

New World: Боевой Берсерк

Wrecking Ball - Hitting the ground dealing 100% weapon damage and flattening enemies. The Breathing Room passive will help to drop enemies by 2 meters for more control.

New World: Боевой Берсерк

Shockwave - A hammer strike on the ground provokes an earthquake within 3 meters and deals 90% weapon damage. Stuns enemies for 1.75 seconds. Passive Meteor Crater + Frailty help hang 10% Weak (damage reduction effect) on enemies and increase the radius of this ability.

New World: Боевой Берсерк

Path of Destiny - A powerful blow to the ground, provoking a wave of energy. Deals 125% weapon damage to all targets on the way. Stimulated Reduction is a unique passive that will help you reduce the ability rollback by 5% for each enemy that falls under its action.


The main task - is to deal damage with abilities. It is very important to use Execute at 30% of the enemy's health for the greatest amount of damage. Thanks to the passive Executioner, together with the Critical Condition Execute, it will deal critical damage with each attack.

Most of the control is in the War Hammer branch.The main task is to deal damage with a Great Axe and in a dangerous situation switch to a War Hammer to control opponents.

Attribute Bonuses


50 - +15% damage from light attacks for melee weapons.

100 - +20% heavy attack damage for melee weapons.

150 - + 50% stamina damage from heavy and light melee weapon attacks.

200 - +20% damage to stunned, slowed or immobilized targets.

250 - + Stamina continues to recover when performing light and heavy melee weapon attacks.

300 - Light and heavy melee weapon attacks make you unstoppable.


50 - +5% chance of a critical hit.


50 - all consumables restoring health are 20% more effective.

100 - max health increased by 10% of physical armor.

150 - 20% less damage from critical hits that are dealt to you.

Type of Armor

Heavy Armor is great for us. We need to be at the forefront of the attack and have the maximum amount of armor. This build has a huge amount of control, which gets a bonus from this type of equipment.