Quarter-finals are done. Semi-finals incoming. But first, let's actually recap what we witnessed.

Fnatic vs Top Esports.

Quite a surprising series that Fnatic fell short of finishing on a high note.

Regardless, Fnatic made Europe proud. Especially Fnatic Bot lane. With both Rekkles and Hylissang ending up with better KDA after the lost series. With clearly the biggest difference in Mid and Jungle. But even with that, Top esports showed a lot of heart and made historic first reverse sweeps at worlds.

Suning vs JD Gaming

The biggest surprise of the quarter-final. Suning demonstrated phenomenal play. Huanfeng dominated the series with excellent performances, 14 KDA speaks volumes of how dominant he was. After this series, and how weak TOP Esports bot lane played against Fnatic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Suning demolish Top Esports bot lane too.

G2 Esports vs Gen.G

Well let's be real this was a stomp. G2 were on a completely another level. Most people saw Gen.G as the weakest team in the playoffs, but probably no one expected such a one-sided stomp.

Caps smurfed with 14 KDA over 3 games. And not a single player on Gen.G reached a KDA of 2.

DAMWON Gaming vs DRX

Another not so close series of playoffs. DAMWON repeated their LCK final score and crushed DRX. DAMWON mid laner ShowMaker casually showed up with 25 KDA and Canyon with 30.

Not really sure how G2 Esports are planning to deal with this. But It will definitely be fun to see!

Worlds 2020 Quarter-Final write up