Worlds 2020 is finally here! Even with everything going on Riot will bring us a ton of exciting games with different regions finally having a chance to prove their worth.

Group A

Worlds 2020 - Play-In Teams introduction!

INTZ -  Brazilian team coming back for the second time. They had a sub-par performance in the 2016 World Championship.

Legacy Esports - First Worlds appearance by this team representing OCE.

MAD Lions - European Team that almost had it all this year in summer split, but stumbled at the end. Good enough to make it to Worlds and to try to show everyone what they are made of. Their first performance on the global stage!

Papara SuperMassive - A team from the Turkey region. They had a reasonable showing in the 2018 Worlds Championship. Their way out of Play-Ins in 2018 were stopped by G2 Esports and G-Rex.

Team Liquid - Most experienced team in group A. Representing North America. With two world appearances in 2018 and 2019 and a reasonable 50% win rate, but both years they did not make it out of the Main Event group stage. Still - a good bet to make it out of Play-Ins!

Group B

Worlds 2020 - Play-In Teams introduction!

LGD Gaming - LGD is making a return, the only team from China at worlds this year who had an appearance on the global stage. They did not make it ouf of the Main Event group stage.

PSG Talon - A first timer at World's stage, representing OCE.

Rainbow7 - Representing Latin America, first time on Worlds stage!

Unicorns Of Love - UoL making a return, they played in worlds in 2019. They were very close making out of Play-Ins but were stopped by Splyce in a close 2:3 series.

V3 Esports - First time team at Worlds from Japan!