Fifth Place

Cho’Gath ( 68 games at worlds )

Cho was first seen in the very first World Championship in 2011. After that he took a bit of a break and came back, being picked a few times over the years. He had a magnificent peak in 2017. He is tanky, can offer a ton of burst damage and crowd control when needed. That made him survive and stay relevant for a decade.

Fourth Place

Maokai ( 75 games at worlds )

Ever since Maokai was released, he was constantly picked.. Except last year. He was completely ignored last year. But either way, his exceptional crowd control ability to single out a target and ruin his day. Alongside with his gank setup and team fighting prowess, he is in our fourth palace for all time top picks on the global stage!

Third Place

Gnar ( 76 games at worlds )

This little Yordle hasn't missed a World Championship since he was released. Oppressive laning and potential to absolutely destroy teamfights with a well placed mega-gnar multi slam of enemies into a wall, put him up there with the most picked top laners ever.

Second Place

Shen ( 85 games at worlds )

An incredibly popular pick. Was not picked only once. Very closely picked with second place. His global presence on the map was always very valued among players. And flash taunt can make and break games completely.

First Place

Rumble ( 86 games at worlds )

At first place, the only real damage dealing mage on our list and he is occupying first place! He has a great laning presence, can shove lanes and oh boy can he team fight. A well placed ult will burn enemies with their hopes and dreams. In our most close final yet, Rumble wins against Shen for all time most picked top laner at World's!