I decided to take a look at official team winnings over the last decade. There are quite a few tournaments and leagues each year for teams to make money. This is a short list of teams who are at the very top of money won:

5th place - G2 Esports - 2,668,654 $

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G2 Esports started making money in 2014. The very first cash was in EU CS Spring 2014. For 1250$. After quite a long time earning the bare minimum, G2 won 50 000$ in EU LCS Spring 2016.

G2 Esports biggest wins:

  1. 451,500$ - 2018 World Championship (3-4th place)
  2. 400,000$ - Mid-Season Invitational 2019 (1st place)
  3. 338,000$ - Mid-Season Invitational 2017 (2nd place)

4th place - Fnatic - 2,747,671$

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Fnatic is just barely above G2 Esports currently in tournament winnings. But they started earning banks quite a bit earlier than G2. Back in 2011, Fnatic won the very first World Championship for 50 000$ after that they started earning money over the next few years from various circuit tournaments. Their next big score came in 2013 for winning the very first EU LCS Spring Split. Fnatic has higher overall winnings, but their cash came from more smaller prizes with one notable exception in 2018.

Fnatic biggest wins:

  1. 870,750$ - 2018 World Championship (2nd place)
  2. 150,000$ - 2015 World Championship (3-4th place)
  3. 150,000$ - 2013 World Championship (3-4th place)

3rd place - Royal never Give Up - 2,757,446$

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RNG - First team on our list from China earned a pretty penny over the years. They are just barely above the thirsty EU teams - G2 Esporst and Fnatic. RNG first cash was in 2015, later than Fnatic and about the same time as G2. They earned 0$ in 2020, which is kind of a surprise, no wonder both EU teams caught up to them quickly.

RNG biggest wins:

  1. 527,650$ - Mid-Season Invitational 2018 (1st place)
  2. 321,761$ - 2017 World Championship (3-4th place)
  3. 258,000$ - 2018 World Championship (5-8th place)

2nd place - Invictus Gaming - 3,671,396$

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Second team from China on our list and they are quite a bit ahead of everyone below them.

They started earning cash in 2011 IEM Season VI - Guangzhou. A small 2100$ win, paved the way of our second most winning team in league of legends history. After a year, they won Season 2 Regional Finals in China for 75,000$ and never looked back. That said, the vast majority of their total earnings came from one tournament.

IG biggest wins:

  1. 2,418,750$ - 2018 World Championship (1st place)
  2. 223,673$ - LPL Spring 2019 (1st place)
  3. 155,750$ - 2019 World Championship (3-4th place)

1st place - SK telecom T1 - 5,895,247$

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No surprise here. Our Korean overlords absolutely crushed the competition. If we could poke holes in some other teams for either winning one big tournament, or being able to compete and earn money for a long time, T1 did it all. They won huge cashes multiple times, they won smaller tournaments multiple times.. Just the all time greatest team in the world.

T1 biggest wins:

  1. 2,028,000$ - 2016 World Championship (1st place)
  2. 1,000,000$ - 2015 World Championship (1st place)
  3. 676,000$ - Mid Season Invitational 2017 (1st place)
  4. 620,540$ - 2017 World Championship (2nd place)
  5. 250,000$ - Mid Season Invitational 2016 (1st place)

The amount of first places this team won in various splits of LCK is outstanding too, each for 80,000$ - 100,000$.