Fifth Place

Braum ( 94 games at worlds )

Released in 2014, he made his debut in the same year and he never missed a single World Championship. But he came close, being played just once in 2019! Overall, he provides enough protection for his team with his huge shield that he is still very much loved!

Fourth Place

Rakan (120 games at worlds )

Only two years of worlds propelled him to fourth place. After his release in 2017, he was very popular as a support who can do it all. Sustain, make plays with exceptional mobility and on top of that, synergize very well with an adc - Xayah, most popular pick in modern league of legends.

Third Place

Janna ( 124 games at worlds )

This champion was around for a while. The original peeling support. Right now outclassed by a few champions, that is why we haven’t seen her in the last two years at worlds, but nevertheless, she is still one of the most popular picks of all time!

Second Place

Alistar (140 games at worlds)

Alistar is pretty impressive. One of the original play making supports with sustain and incredible ultimate. He was picked every year but 2013. Some metas favoured him more, some less, but you should never be surprised to see the old cow in Summoners Rift.

First Place

Thresh (160 games at worlds)

No surprise here. Ever since Thresh release in 2013, he was picked basically every year just skipping 2016. His ability to make plays with his team is basically unrivaled. A few players like MadLife immortalized themselves with landing incredible hooks with Thresh on the global stage!