Nothing feels more frustrating than staying stuck in low elo even though you are playing really well. If that is the case then maybe it is time for you to modify your champion pool and learn some of the picks that can help you carry your whole team.

Today we will be going to talk about the best 5 champions that you can play to carry easily and get out of low elo with relative ease.


So let us start things off with our best top lane pick for lower elo which is Nasus, the Curator of the Sands. This champion is hands down the best top laner to play and carry in low Elo. Nasus has an absolute monstrous late game with infinite scaling with his Q stacks. And as low elo games tend to get longer due to no one actually knowing how to end games, Nasus gets a chance to become a 1v 9 raid boss in the later stage of the games.

The only downside of Nasus is his very weak early game. But in low elo, no one will exploit that and punish you in the laning phase. So stack your Q, get your trinity force and carry your team easily by one-shooting champions and towers with your stacked up Q.

Master Yi

As for our Jungle Pick, it is without a doubt Mater Yi for his straightforward playing style. The best thing about playing Master Yi is his hard scaling into the mid and late game.

Does not matter whether you lost to the enemy jungler in the early game, or have fallen behind on the farm. Once you get your hands on the blood razor, and your rage blade or even the blade of the ruined king you are good to go. Unless they play a jungler who also has very good scaling, you will always have greater map control and solo carry potential. Just make sure to dodge the CC with your Q.


With the new glacial popularity, Veiger is one of the best mid lane picks. With the addition of twin shadows to the glacial, there is nowhere to run. From zoning and high Crowd control veiger has it all. So you can always have priority at the baron and dragon pit.

Veiger is the best champion with a point and click R to make any 5 v5 a simple 4 v 5. And if you can do that with consistency and one-shot their assassin or the ad carry in every team fight, you are sure to carry almost all of your games. In addition to that, you get infinite scaling of Ability power. So as a mid laner to carry low elo games, it does not get any better than veiger.

Miss fortune

Miss fortune is without a doubt one of the strongest bot lane picks no matter what elo it is. This champion has been very powerful throughout the whole season 10. And in no patch has miss fortune been nerfed even slightly. This S tier ADC is very easy to play and has a passive that makes it easier to farm for beginners. And as we all know it, Gold is the key to winning lanes.

Miss Fortune has a really good early game, has self peal with his E slow, and also scales well. In addition to all that you have the Most powerful ultimate to melt the whole enemy team with one press of R and close the game easily. And just slowly watch Your LP increase with Miss fortune.


Sona has by far one of the simplest kits compared to other league of legends Champions. Your objective as Sona is to grant your allies with buffs and keep them healthy and speedy. And as low elo games usually are longer, sona will be very painful to play against the longer the game goes on.

Keep your ADC healthy at all times, ward on the bushes with your upgraded support item, use your ultimate while chasing someone or when an assassin jumps on your team and you will see yourself climbing out of low elo real soon.