Moscow5 vs
Group B - DreamHack Summer 2012

Moscow5 at the time was at the top of their game. Very few teams could challenge them, as was shown here in the early game dominance they displayed. What happened in this game, however, shocked the league of legends community. 26k gold lead didn’t matter much, if you can never hit towers. Froggen trademark Anivia was instrumental to clear wave after wave of minions to defend against the siege of M5. Eventually, the gold difference didn’t matter, as CLG.EU farmed up almost full builds themselves and managed to win a few crucial fights and take control of the game.

Ever vs. TSM

IEM Katowice 2016 - Group A

Imagine, you dominate the early game, build up a good gold lead. Your ADC gets a pentakill and you lose the game. A few things were missing from the description of this game. TSM did have a great early game, but then struggled very hard to get anything done with the lead. They kept trying to team fight with a team composition that just wasn’t working. Time after time allowing Ever to claw back into the game. But then it seemed all but over, when TSM managed to get that huge win of a team fight thanks to Doublelift pentakill. But even that wasn't enough.

fnatic vs SK Gaming

Group B - IEM Katowice

One of the most well known games and comebacks in league history. Fnatic were on the back foot the entire game. They had to defend and defend and find creative ways to win. This is what Fnatic were famous back then, finding ways to win games and get advantages where no one else could. And Fnatic didn’t disappoint. They managed to manufacture late game situations where SK were split and the base was open. It only took xPeke to perform magnificently under immense pressure and finish the game in historic fashion.