League of Legends attracts players from all over the world. Before you become a member of this international family, the first decision to make is to select a champion to play with. It sounds a bit confusing for a beginner, as there is a wide range of champions to choose from.

Our best League of Legends champions guide will help you to get the lay of the land in LOL heroes. You will learn which champions perform best in different roles. And about the roles themselves! This will let you choose the most performing champion from the very beginning and stay focused on improving your skills. Moreover, you will be able to utilize its full potential due to the appropriate choice of runes, items, and Summoner Spells.

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What Are the League of Legends Champions?

A LOL champion is a character that you are controlling in the game. All of them can be categorized according to their role and position in the field. To perform an effective team play, each hero must fulfill its function properly. Special items, runes, and spells are used to maximize power. They may play a key role in overpowering an enemy.

A wide variety of characters’ alternatives allows you to select those who match your style of play most of all. Unfortunately, you don’t have access to all of the alternatives at the beginning of your path. They must be unlocked with in-game currency – BE. Therefore, it’s better to study them in advance so that your resources aren’t wasted. Keep in mind that mastering the controls may be rather challenging for some champions. If you are new, go for easy options even if they lack some power.

What Are the Roles in League of Legends?

There are five different roles at the moment in the game. Let’s have a closer look at the roles:

  • Top lane. It may be described as an island separated from the rest of the map. You will spend a lot of time fighting one versus one. Sometimes you will get some help from an ally jungler, sometimes the enemy will. A lot of tankier champions are played in this role. However, that is not a rule, as various heroes find play in the Top lane.
  • Marksman. His primary role is to accumulate power and become a source of considerable physical damage late in the game. They often use special items that let them deal extra damage, neglecting the health point. Therefore, it requires a teammates’ support to survive long enough to strengthen up.
  • Mid laner. Generally, an assassin or mage is picked for the role. All mid laners quickly eliminate piles of minions and, usually, get significant benefits from a quick level-up. Foe's junglers are frequent guests on the lane; therefore, it's essential to have good control over your champion and monitor the overall situation on the map to predict the upcoming ambush attack.
  • Support. They usually play around the ADC, providing heals and shields, using crowd control abilities like stuns or knock-ups to the enemies or just soaking up the damage. Another mission is providing a vision of the map for the team.
  • Jungler. Most junglers are extremely mobile, deal plenty of damage, and have good gap closers. Their mission is to aid teammates in gaining an advantage during an early game and keep the enemies occupied while their carries are accumulating power.

The Best Top Laners

It’s better to choose a champion with extra defense and good farming abilities. Focus on the fights to protect your mates. Here are the three best options:


SThe Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

A tank that has been recently released has a lot to offer. For example, he can pull the enemies to his front and back [E] like a magnet, slowing them down a bit, and damaging them. The Haymaker [W] spell grants Sett true damage and a shield while Knuckle Down [Q] grants percentage damage and a speed burst.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash – for short-distance teleportation – and Teleport – to quickly rotate to a different lane or return to a top lane after death.
  • Recommended Runes: Precision as a primary rune with Conqueror as a keystone and Resolve as a secondary.
  • Recommended Item Build: Black Cleaver - Titanic Hydra – Trinity Force.


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

His damaging abilities are impressive. Darius can make foes bleed from physical damage for five seconds, stacking up to five times. It means that maximum physical damage can reach 65-150 depending on the level. Darius can gain bonus attack damage with Noxian Guillotine [R] or pull in all the foes that are in front of him and slow them down by 40% [E].

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Ghost are a good combination. The latter highly increases the mobility.
  • Recommended Runes: Primary rune is Precision with a Conqueror keystone. Sorcery is additional. If you want increased crowd control and durability instead of empowered abilities and resource manipulation, choose Resolve as a second rune.
  • Recommended Item Build: Trinity Force – Titanic Hydra – Sterak’s Gage.


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

Garen’s two main abilities - passive healing, together with burst damage – provide him with great survivability. He has a good AoE for a top-laner. Try his Judgment [E] that will deal damage to all of the enemies within range. He is a good finisher: press [R] to deal the final blow to a foe, whose health is low.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite shows the best potential. The latter is aimed at killing the enemies, by dealing true damage and reducing target healing.
  • Recommended Runes: Precision featuring Conqueror is a primary choice for Garen. Resolve, being secondary, improves the survivability when he is in a lane or team fights.
  • Recommended Item Build: Trinity Force – Statikk Shiv – Dead Man’s Plate.

The Best Junglers

Roaming the jungle lane and focusing on killing camps can be challenging to master. Go for these champions to improve your understanding of the game.

Master YI

The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

His high mobility and damage give an advantage over enemies. His low health can be compensated by the Meditate feature [W]: it heals Master YI and reduces damage. You can improve an offensive ability by deploying Wuju Style [E] – extra attack damage – Highlander [R] – extra attack speed and increased movement speed.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: I Smite is a must for every jungler. The second one is usually Flash as it’s the most popular Summoner Spell regarding this role.
  • Recommended Runes: It’s advisable to choose Precision with a Conqueror as a keystone rune to improve the attack speed and damage. Domination improves burst damage and target access.
  • Recommended Item Build: Enchantment: Bloodrazor – Guinsoos’s Rageblade – Wit’s End.


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

Although not everyone considers Ekko as an easy pick, it will impressively perform when being mastered. The Chronobreak [R], for example, makes him untargetable for some time, by throwing him back where he was four seconds ago, healing, and harming the enemies that are around the point of arrival. He can teleport himself to the target and deal additional damage [E] or slow down opponents with Parallel Convergence [W].

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: The same as for the Master YI, Flash and Smite are the best spells.
  • Recommended Runes: The primary rune (Domination, a keystone - Dark harvest) is adding to the damage capabilities. Inspiration is used as the second one.
  • Recommended Item Build: Enchantment: Runic Echoes – Hextech Protobeit 01 – Mejai’s Soulstealer.

Jarvan IV

SThe Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

Jarvan IV's is a bruiser, equipped with good survivability and mobility. His passive ability deals percentage damage to the target on the first attack, accelerating the clear jungle speed. He can easily initiate fights by placing Demacian Standard [E] on the ground away from him or using Dragon Strike [Q] skill. The latter pulls Jarvan IV to the Standard position and knocks up all the enemies on the way. His ultimate ability, Cataclysm [R], gives an additional gap close and crowd control, making the ganks truly terrifying.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Smite for improved mobility and jungle farm.
  • Recommended Runes: Precision with a Conqueror keystone and Domination as a secondary branch.
  • Recommended Item Build: Enchantment: Warrior - Black Cleaver - Guardian Angel.

The Best Mid Laners

Mid laners are able to easily switch between top and bottom lanes to support the allies in a battle. Here are three best APC:


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

She is a strong middle character that is a severe threat to an enemy team. For instance, every third strike deals extra magic damage. Dian is able to attack foes with a moonlight [Q] or create projectiles that explode as soon as they touch an enemy [W].

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Basically, Ignite and Flash is a good spell combination for any mid laner.
  • Recommended Runes: Precision (keystone – Conqueror) + Domination is a common choice. Exchanging the Domination with Resolve may also be beneficial.
  • Recommended Item Build: Rod of Ages – Nashor’s Tooth – Zhonya’s Hourglass.


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

Fizz is very mobile and deals tons of magical damage at every stage of the game. He has two gap close abilities and can use Trickster [E] to become untargetable to avoid incoming damage.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite combination has an overall higher win rate, compared to Flash and Teleport.
  • Recommended Runes: It’s advisable to select Domination as a primary rune with the Electrocute keystone. The second rune can be either Precision or Inspiration.
  • Recommended Item Build: Hextech Protobeit 01 – Lich Bane – Mejai’s Soulstealer.


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

Ahri's image is popular way beyond the LoL community due to a tremendous amount of fan arts and official posters. This playful fox is one of the deadliest mid lane champions. She is very mobile, effective in cleaning waves of minions, and has a hard control ability. Use the Orb of Deception [Q] to farm and harass your opponent and Charm [E] when you are ready to engage. But beware of enemy minions, standing between you and your foe. They can be targeted by Charm too, which will waste your precious crowd control.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite.
  • Recommended Runes: Inspiration with a Glacial Augment keystone + Domination - getting an ability to slow enemy with auto-attack will significantly increase your chances of getting a kill.
  • Recommended Item Build: Hextech GLP-800 - Twin Shadows - Morellonomicon.

The Best ADC

Here are the three best Marksmen for a League of Legends beginner.

Miss Fortune

The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

She is a good champion pick for a beginner. She has simple mechanics and easy-to use spells. The hero can deal bonus damage every time she basic attacks a new target, which makes last-hitting in the lane significantly easier.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Heal are effective spells combination that restores health and improves mobility.
  • Recommended Runes: Go for a Precision with the Press the Attack keystone as a primary rune.  This results in bonus adaptive damage. The second rune can be both Sorcery and Inspiration.
  • Recommended Item Build: Essence Reaver – Infinity Edge – Guardian Angel.


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

Ashe has appeared on the list because of her long auto attack range and frost arrows that slow down enemies. The Enchanted Crystal Arrow [R] is great for starting a fight, and providing a long-range stun.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: The best option is Flash and Heal. However, try Ghost or barrier as well.
  • Recommended Runes: Precision (Lethal Tempo as a keystone) + Inspiration. The latter facilitates picking up free bots.
  • Recommended Item Build: Blade of the Ruined King – Runaan’s Hurricane – Guardian Angel.


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

Caitlyn has a long-range attack; therefore, she is able to defeat opponents from behind the teammates successfully. Her Headshot passive is a great source of extra damage. Yordle Snap Trap [W] and 90 Calliber Net [E] abilities allow you to always stay far from engaging enemies.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash in combination with either Heal or Cleanse are really effective. The latter choice depends on the need for healing or disables removal.
  • Recommended Runes: Precision with a primary keystone as Fleet Footwork guarantees energized attacks. Use sorcery as a second rune for a successful combination.
  • Recommended Item Build: Infinity Edge – Rapid Firecannon – Stormrazor.

The Best Support

The main function of support characters is to ensure that other allies can successfully kill enemies and farm. Take a look at the best three options:


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

She is a tank with a crowd control function. Most of Leona’s abilities featuring stunning. Apart from that, Eclipse [W] is able to reduce the incoming damage for three seconds. Zenith Blade [E] provides quick and reliable gap close.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Combine Flash with either Ignite or Exhaust depending on the desired effect.
  • Recommended Runes: The most widespread runes combination is Resolve with the Aftershock keystone as primary, and Inspiration as secondary.
  • Recommended Item Build: Zeke’s Convergence – Locket of the iron Solari – Knight’s Vow.


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

Janna provides protection and healing for teammates. For instance, the Eye of the Storm [E] grants a shield to a teammate or turret. She is able to throw the enemies in a line up in the air, with the Howling Gale [Q] – this is very helpful to stop engaging enemies.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Flash and Exhaust is a good spell combination. Exhaust, for example, reduces foes’ movement speed and damage by 40%.
  • Recommended Runes: It’s best to use Sorcery as a primary rune with an Arcane Comet keystone. It provides adaptive damage and cooldown reduction. The second rune can be either Domination or Inspiration.
  • Recommended Item Build: Athene’s Unholy Grail – Redemption – Ardent Censer.


The Best League of Legends Champions – Beginners Guide

Thresh is a strong champion as he can harvest the souls of the nearby dead opponents to gain permanent Ability Power and Armor. He is able to drag an ally out of any place on the field [W], additionally providing them with a shield. He is also a great initiator, thanks to his Death Sentence[Q] ability.

  • Recommended Summoner Spells: Go for a common combination for Support: Flash and Ignite/Exhaust.
  • Recommended Runes: Resolve (keystone – Aftershock) + Inspiration. The primary one immobilizes an enemy, increases your magic resistance and deals damage while exploding.
  • Recommended Item Build: Zeke’s Convergence - Knight’s Vow – Redemption.


How many champions are in the League of Legends?

Currently, there are 148 League of Legends champions.

What are League of Legends starter champions?

Any champion with simple mechanics is good for starters: Ahri, Warwick, Master Yi, Garen, Olaf, Miss Fortune and many more.

What are League of Legends Classes?

Classes represent champions with the same game role and ability effects. They are as follows: bruisers, mage, marksman, healer, initiator, tank and assassin.

What are the worst League of Legends Champions?

Akali, Sylas, Kai’Sa, and Rumble have a hard time securing a victory in the latest patches. However, they can always get a huge buff or rework and shine once again.

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