10. Mata

It is really hard to make it into a top 10 best player list of all time as a support. You won’t make it here just by hitting a few miracle hooks, you won’t make it here by just winning a championship. You have to have it all. And Mata surely has. From insane highlight reel hooks, to vast champion pool and engages on various champs. To insane disengages and saves and outplays against enemies. Mata from one of the best support players in the game to currently head coach of RNG.

We found a great video by “DeoNade” to highlight some of the most amazing plays by Mata:

9. Uzi

One of the biggest legacies out there from the ADC role. As aggressive the region of China was back in season 3. Uzi fit that role perfectly. Hungry for kills and always looking for action, amassed multiple penta kills on multiple champions. Constantly the focus of enemy team and main carry of team Royal Never Give Up.

A neat compilation of his best plays can be viewed here in a video by “League on Lock - LoL”:

8. Deft

Another ADC that is considered one of the greatest.

If you check Deft team history you will find every single team listed to be at the top at one point or another. From 2013 this guy has been showing everyone how to carry from the ADC role and showing off big time in the 2020 World Championship with DRX.

A neat highlight reel by “DeoNade” can be watched here:

7. TheShy

Constantly described as worlds best top laner. Even though he played the game for some time, he came to find himself when he joined Invictus Gaming in 2017. Paired with Rookie, they showed how strong top and mid combo can actually be to absolutely stomp their enemies. One of the best dueling Top laners of all time.

Another great highlight video by “League on Lock - LoL”:

6. Rekkles

ADC From Europe. With almost a decade of pro-play at the highest level under his belt. Known as The late game insurance. A player who never stopped growing and improving and is still representing Europe even today in the 2020 World Championship. While he did play for a few other teams over the years, his true home was shown to be Fnatic.

A great video of highlight plays by “League on Lock - LoL”:

5. Karsa

First jungler in our list. And boy what a beast he is. Currently the top earning player from Taiwan from tournament winnings. Karsa is the jungler representing TOP esports in Worlds 2020. Favourites to win the entire thing. He is known for his insane skill with Lee Sin. He played over 100 games with a 65.4% win rate in pro play. Other junglest try to emulate the control and impact this guy has in the Jungle.

A highlight reel of Karsa’s plays can be found in a video by “Xyintharuthless”:

4. Caps

EU MIDS MAN… It is hard to get on the list as one of the best mid laners, but the EU is known for its mid lane talent. Caps showed time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with. He played for quite a few teams from 2015, but once he joined G2 in 2018 it was all over for everyone else.

A great montage by “The Carry”:

3. JackeyLove

The best ADC in the world right now, hands down. Representing TOP Esports at Worlds 2020, JackeyLove showing stats no other ADC has ever shown. Kill participation of 82% going into Playoffs and every champion he touches seems a level above everyone else. He currently has the most tournament earnings of any Chinese players.

A great video of highlight plays by “League on Lock - LoL”:

2. Rookie

Third player on our top 10 player list who started his dominance with Invictus Gaming. Undoubtedly one of the best mid laners of all time. Known to be the force to completely change the outcome of the fight in a second. Either or Syndra or Zoe or whatever champion he picks, watch out, because when you think the team fight is won, he always has something to say.

You can watch some of his best plays in this wonderful montage by “League on Lock - LoL”:

1. Faker

No doubt, the best League of Legends player we have ever seen. No other mid lane will ever be at the top while Faker is still playing the game. Currently the highest earner in tournament winnings and the most title holder.

A highlight of some of Faker’s plays by “theScore esports”: