Hello, summoners.

As you may have already noticed that season 10 of League of Legends has already come to an end and we have now entered the preseason. This is a time of the experiment, not only for the players all over the world but also the Riot developers. And because of this reason, the items, players, map control, and balancing of different metas are all over the place during this time.

So today we have decided to talk about the preseason and whether or not you should play ranked during this time in League of Legends.

The general opinion of many players regarding this matter is that playing ranked does not matter much during this small period of time during the season. But to be honest, there are a couple of good arguments for playing ranked as well.

So before diving into the reason you should play ranked during preseason, let us figure out why many players choose not to.

Why does playing ranked during preseason matter less?

If you are the type of player who focuses on showing off the best visible rank on your profile, then you can avoid playing rank during this time completely. It is because, after the new season starts, your rank will get reset anyway. So, you will not be able to showcase the ranks you have climbed in this small period of time.

Why should you play ranked during preseason?

So, it is time for us to jump into the first reason that you must be playing ranked during the preseason.

  • Adapting to meta shifts

During the time of the regular season, the developers tend to make only a couple of small changes here and there. So, the game in most cases stays relatively unchanged.  The reason behind this is because, during the time of the regular seasons, all the professional League of Legends contents are held. They make sure that the pro players from LEC, LCS, LPL, and LEC do not face a sudden shift of meta.

But during the preseason dramatic changes are usually made. So if you want to stay on top of the game and do not want to get overwhelmed and surprised when joining ranked que after the season starts with totally different metas, you should make the most out of the preseason. This will help you adapt to the changes as soon as possible.

  • Building your MMR

Even though the visible rank of your profile does get reset, your MMR or the matchmaking rating does not. So that means as soon as the season starts, you will be able to give yourself a relatively good boost if you play well during the preseason.

This eventually helps you to jump through several divisions in the placement of the new season.

  • Practice, practice, and practice

There is no better way to practice the new changes to the game without any consequences than the preseason. During this time you will be able to experiment with new builds, new champions, and even a completely new rule without the downside of losing your precious LP for the ranked rating.

And the more you practice during this time, the better you will be as a player in the next season.