Greetings! For this week I was curious how well are champions doing that got released recently. And I started looking and decided that “recently” will be the last two years. 2019 and 2020.

And to compare them, I picked some of the oldest champions in the game that were released with the game itself back in 2009.

data comes from analyzing a ton of games on EUW in silver-gold elo bracket mostly

The only “new” champion with winrate above 50% right now is Seraphine.

Not sure if that means anything, it's really hard for a champion like Yone to have a high win rate in mid elo. Aphelios is at the bottom with a 44.56% win rate. No surprise since he was nerfed almost every patch since his release day.

Old champions are performing considerably well. Probably because they are not that hard to execute and we are not looking at the highest levels of play here. Champions like Master Yi can really shine and he does.

Old and New League of Legends Champions