Worlds are coming to an end. Only the Grand Final remains. But let's talk about the two semi final series that were played last weekend.

G2 Esports vs DAMWON Gaming

A series full of heartbreak for EU fans. Step by step G2 Esporst were dismantled and didn’t seemingly get anything going for them. A dominating performance by DAMWON, in very quick games that averaged only 28 minutes. Most notably, both of the series have red sides at 75% win rate.

G2 Esports managed to secure first blood in almost every game, but that didn’t seem to do much. First tower and first drake was dominated by DAMWON which just showed what we knew for ages, objectives > kills.

Perkz performed with highest cs/min and highest KDA in his team.

TOP Esports vs SUNING

Almost full 10 minutes longer average game time than in the G2 / DAMWON series.

Also, the only game Suning lost, is the game they took first blood, tower and dragon.

All three games that they won, TOP Esports took first drake. A breakaway performance by Suning top laner - Bin with a kda of 8.3 and one of the highest cs/min scores for top lane in worlds.

Worlds 2020 Semi-Final write up